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How to Edit Your Closet

 Anyone else out there overly concerned with being cozy all the time? Just me? It's super high on the priority list, guys!

Top- Nordstrom // Sweater- Urban Outfitters // Jeans- Hudson // Booties- Matisse

This is FOR SURE my cooler weather spring uniform. It's all in the details, like this cute criss cross front tee! It's the stuff of dreams. And if you feel you're lacking in the oversized cardigan department, go run & get yourself this Urban Outfitters one that's currently on sale!

I've been a lover of fashion for much of my life & have done my fair share of buying clothes that look AMAZING but just don't work for real life. My clothing has to hit a certain standard before I buy these days! Here's what I look for:

Is it practical-- can I throw it in the washer when my son wipes peanut butter all over my shirt while he's giving me a hug? Is it made of a fabric that wrinkles easily & will need to be ironed regularly?

Is it flattering-- will I try it on in the morning & throw it on the ground in disgust because I feel like a whale? Does it do me justice?

Is it modest-- will I constantly be tugging & pulling at my clothes to cover what I want covered?

Will it last-- I'm at the point in my life now where I don't want to buy a $10 shirt from Forever 21 if the seams will com apart after 1 wash. Is it something that I can continue to wear & not have it fade, tear, or stretch out?

Do I feel good in it-- Is it comfortable? Can I go about my usual day & not have to worry about what's on my body too much? And do I LOVE how it looks/makes me feel?

There are always a few exceptions, like I have a few "impractical" dresses & tops I wear for events or special occasions. And don't get me wrong, I own my fair share of things from H&M and Forever 21!  Especially when it comes to really trendy items that may not be in style after a few seasons. But for the most part I think about all these questions when I'm doing my shopping, and it has helped keep my closet more minimal & more of what I love to wear!


Sunshine & Velvet

Sometimes an easy mom outfit just needs an extra kick!

Sweater- Piper & Scoot // Jeans- Hudson // Boots- Nordstrom // Necklaces- Elm Avenue & Old Navy

I'm LOVING these velvet booties, they add so much to a simple outfit! Velvet is coming in strong trend-wise and I'm sooooo happy about it. Give me all the velvet! And try not feeling like you can conquer the world wearing these babies. They'll prove you wrong.

And how about that sunshine you guys?? We've been kicking it outside; playing with chalk, walks with the wagon, running circles around the house, and trips to the park! It's the best. And be sure to prepare yourself for an inundation of spring dresses & short sleeves here on the blog! It's a welcome change.


Shop Stevie Dress (and a coupon code)!

When it comes to creating an outfit, I'm always a fan of the simpler the better! Like... If I can achieve a cute look with just a beautiful dress & some pretty wedges, that's exactly what I do! No need to mess with perfection, am I right?

Dress- c/o Shop Stevie (Jess) (use code JRL for 15% off) // Shoes- Free People (Jeffrey Campbell)

Now lets just talk about this dress for a second. If you haven't heard of Shop Stevie before, it's one of my all time FAVORITE boutiques with some seriously cute clothes. My favorites are always the dresses! This dress in particular caught my eye, it's perfect for Sunday's, weddings, or just for looking extra pretty on any old day. The details are beautiful, and the fit is so perfect!
My friend Jess is a rep for Shop Stevie, meaning she has her own stock of Shop Stevie apparel & when you buy from her it goes to support her sweet family! How amazing is that. Aside from the fact that I love supporting small businesses, Jessica's stock is always THE BEST. Like, I don't know how she does it but she seems to get all of the hottest Shop Stevie items first and has the best selection! 
The floral's in her shop are ON POINT and right now I have my eye on this top & this dress!

If you're looking to build your spring/summer wardrobe, go check out her shop. Jess is so sweet and also gave me an exclusive coupon code for my readers! So when you get to the checkout, enter code JRL to get 15% off your order! This is actually a pretty sweet deal because Shop Stevie items are in such high demand that coupon codes are rarely offered. So take advantage, and if you purchase something, DM me on Instagram with a photo of you wearing your new digs!