Janelle In Real Life

Janelle In Real Life


Pleated & Floral

Guys... how dreamy is the skirt??

Top- Anthropologie (similar) // Skirt- c/o Dainty Jewells // Shoes- American Eagle (similar) // Bag- Fawn Design (large version HERE)

I love anything that has movement like this. A perfect twirling skirt!

And if you follow Fawn Design, you know they recently released the mini version of their bag! Isn't it the cutest?? I mean... these were sort of marketed toward kids (so they can have the mini me version of their mom's bag), but I love it for me! It's the perfect size now that my kiddos are older and don't needs any many things while we're out & about.


Love It or Hate It

Is it safe to admit I used to hate living in Utah?

Top- Thread & Supply (similar) // Jeans- Hudson // Shoes- Free People

I grew up in Oregon (and California, but Oregon is my home) and Utah was just so different and I DID NOT LIKE IT.

Everyone here was just so... similar. Everyone dressed in the same style, listened to the same music, went to the same church, held the same political views... and on and on. And listen. If you know anything about Utah, you know there's a lot of Mormon's here! And I'm one of them. But I didn't feel like I fit the typical "mormon mold" and I didn't like being lumped into the same category as all these other people.

But now that I'm like a for real Utahn, I can say this place has grown on me. For one... take a look at these gorgeous views!! The blossoms during spring are UNREAL and the greenery & mountains are life changing. I have the most perfect view of the mountains right out my back window! We took these photos at the State Capitol and people come from alllll over just to take in these views. We're a little spoiled here! Not to mention the amazing outdoor activities, the family-friendly entertainment, and the surprisingly good music scene. I kinda love it here!

And yes, of course, there are still a lot of people who seem like they're all the same. But I've gotten to know so many great, unique people since moving here and though you do have to look a little harder, the diversity is there! I hope the atmosphere here continues to evolve toward celebration of differences.

The point of my story here is that it's easy to find all the things that are wrong with where you are at the moment. It's easy to assume no one "get's you" and that moving somewhere else will automatically make it better. A change of scenery sometimes can be refreshing but it definitely won't solve all your problems! Try finding the good in where you are RIGHT NOW. Cause it's there, I promise!


Impulse Shopping

I am generally NOT an impulse buyer.
Maybe this is surprising since I blog about fashion and I really do like buying clothes! But I have a monthly budget that I do my very best to stick to and that means planning my purchases as best as I can.

Dress- Piper & Scoot // Shoes- Freebird by Steven (similar HERE) c/o Shopbop

But every once in a while, I make an impulse purchase because I JUST CAN'T HELP MYSELF. I see some new arrivals on one of my favorite shop's website and it's like destiny! It's made for me! Or there's a sale at Nordstrom and all the thing on my wishlist are cheaper! And that is HARD to resist, my friends.
This dress spoke to me on another level when I saw it in person. So perfect & I feel like I can wear it anywhere! Church, weddings, events, or whenever I feel like it. The material is luxurious & fits in at a more formal setting, while the cut is more casual and fun!
Also, my little boys are obsessed with the texture & can't stop petting this dress when I'm wearing it! I even caught one of them in my closet rubbing it against his cheek... and I died from all the cuteness.

My point here is it's good to be a responsible spender MOST of the time. But occasionally it's ok to throw caution to the wind and buy the pretty dress! (Just don't tell my husband, ok?)

** I was provided with complimentary items for this post, but all opinions are my own **