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What to Wear for Family Photos

A few weekends ago we wandered around a greenhouse and got some fun pictures. I love this little family of mine!

-- photos by Ashley Bridgewater --

The boys had SO MUCH fun pulling the wagon & looking at all the gorgeous greenery! If you guys ever get the chance to do a little mini photoshoot at a greenhouse, I highly recommend it. The backdrop is stunning & I can't wait to hang some of these up in our home!

While I was figuring out what to dress my cute family in for pictures, I posted some options on my insta-stories and this combo is what the majority chose! I love how everything turned out. I did get some questions about how I coordinated our outfits without being too "match-y"! Gone are the days of everyone wearing the same white shirt & the same khaki pants. It's all about print & color coordination! Here are some things to consider when creating your outfits:

-Look at what you already have in your closet. Definitely don't feel like you have to go out & buy brand new clothes for the whole family when picture time rolls around! Mine & my husband's outfits were things we already had, and the boys got new clothes because they were due for some anyway. Although, if pictures gives you an excuse for a fun shopping spree, by all means shop away!

-Focus on one outfit first & go from there. I knew the dress I wanted to wear and based the color & print coordinating off of that! It's a lot easier when you have one solid place to start.

-Try to go a little dressier than normal. I like to wear what fits our normal style so it looks & feels comfortable, but I go one step up in dressy-ness! So we did buttoned up collared shirts & a dress with heels for this shoot! We are not a "formal" family so it wouldn't have felt as comfortable to wear a formal dress & suits, don't feel like you have to go way out of your comfort zone! But also steer clear of graphic tees, jeans with holes, etc.

-Make sure it fits. I asked a photographer what her style pet peeves were with family photos & she said when people don't wear clothes that fit properly! Men are especially guilty of this. Take the time to get a good fit in your clothing and you will look 100% better in your photos.

-"Style" your clothing if your outfit requires it! If you're wearing a longer blouse blouse do a front tuck, roll sleeves on a long sleeve button up, etc. Basically anything that can add a little more interest to your outfit! Don't go crazy though, it can look off if it's not natural. When in doubt, go with the simple option!

-Mix prints & solids. Since we are a family of 4, I chose to do 2 prints & 2 solids in our outfit choices! It adds variety without being too busy. When choosing prints, go with classic ones like stripes, dots, or florals. You want to find neutral prints that will go together easily!

-Create a color palette! I was told once that you need to picture your family photos hanging on your wall. Do your outfits go with the style of your home? Personally, I like a neutral palette. We went with navy blue, white, grey, and green! But choose 3-4 colors to play with and make sure they compliment each other. That's why neutrals are so easy, they all go pretty well together!

-Keep your location in mind. Indoor studio shoots will look very different from an outdoor shoot in the woods! It might look off to wear a Hillary Clinton style power suit in a mountain photo shoot because it doesn't look natural & doesn't compliment the location. Just keep in mind what style you're going for and make sure your location reflects that!

Those are the basic suggestions that I have! I would love for you guys to share any other tips for what to wear in family photos in the comments below!



If there's one thing I've learned about my foray into the fashion world, it's that you've got to wear what works for your life!

Dress- Roolee // Jacket- Old Navy // Choker- c/o Brickyard Buffalo (similar) // Shoes- Free People // Bag- Fawn Design

And what works for me as a mama is machine-washable, non-wrinkling, easy-to-wear goodness like this outfit!
Don't get me wrong, I love getting dressed up and wearing things that are more fashion-forward, but this being a blog about "real life" it wouldn't be honest to pretend that's my life all the time! I love finding ways to incorporate new trends into what I wear everyday!
A basic t-shirt dress & a denim jacket are seriously one of my all-time favorite combos! And then of course I pretty much can't leave the house without my favorite Fawn Design bag. This is a perfect outfit for running errands, a trip to the museum, or anything your #momlife requires.


The Color of Your Energy

Do you guys ever take some of those dumb quizzes that pop up on your Facebook feed? Like, the ones that say "Which Friends Character Are You?" or "Are You Really A 90's Kid?"

Top- Piper & Scoot (similar, similar) // Leggings- Nordstrom // Shoes- Free People // Fitbit- Alta

I took a quiz the other day to find out what color my aura was, and turns out it's green! I feel like these pictures accurately represent that. I've always been drawn to this hunter/olive green color... I think it's because it matches my eyes & makes me feel fabulous.

Also I really didn't intend to have my fitbit make an appearance in these photos, but now I'm kind of glad it did! I'm doing a challenge this month to get 10,000 steps a day, so I'm allllways wearing this baby. And by a challenge I mean my husband's work won't give us money for our HSA unless we hit our goal sooooo, it's pretty motivating! This week I'm going hardcore too... we did some meal prepping so all my breakfasts & lunches are ready to go with healthy ingredients! I'm doing 5 days at the gym and the 10,000 steps and crossing my fingers that it sticks. I hope that doing a full week of going all out on fitness & nutrition will help me get on track & see some results!
Pleeeease feel free to shoot me a message or email if you want to be accountable with me! I struggle with this stuff so I'll take all the support/commiserating I can get.