Janelle In Real Life

Janelle In Real Life


Kortni Jeane Swimmers + Self Love

Hey friends! Reeeeally going out of my comfort zone here & sharing some photos in my Kortni Jeane swimmers!

Top- Kortni Jeane | Bottoms- Kortni Jeane | Sunglasses- Forever 21 | Bag- Ellen & James (similar)

Posting pictures of yourself in a swimsuit on the internet for anyone & everyone to see can be sort of frightening. And while this last year has been one of tremendous growth for me in regards to self esteem and self love, it still feels a little uncomfortable for some reason! 
I love these Kortni Jeane swimmers though, and I love the way I feel wearing them! The flatter in all the right places and make you feel like a million bucks. And for reference, I'm wearing a size small in the top & bottom.
I've come a long way in terms of body positivity & self love... there were times that I HATED the way I looked in a swimsuit. I felt uncomfortable & like my flaws were all on full display for everyone around me to critique. It was hard to enjoy the pool or the beach with my kids because of how uncomfortable I felt and there was a point that I thought "This is so ridiculous. No one is looking at you, just go play with your kids!"
I am in SUCH a better place now, and not because my body looks drastically different than it used to, but because I've learned to love who I am & what I look like! Your perceived "flaws" are part of what make you who you are and there's no shame in that! 
I have carried & given birth to two sweet babies and pregnancy put my body through the ringer. I have stretch marks, extra fat, and cellulite where my 20 year old body had none. But aren't those something to be proud of? It's a symbol of the selfless act of pregnancy & I think we should be proud of all our bodies can accomplish.
The moral of the story is it IS possible to love the way you look in a swimsuit and it's NOT done by changing what you look like. It's about changing your mindset and loving who you are RIGHT NOW in this moment!


How to Take Advantage of Fall Sales!

Hey friends! I'm throwing it back to warmer days, and BARE WITH ME HERE while I tell you why.

Top- Free People (same top in black HERE) both are on SALE! | Shorts- Old Navy (sold out) Similar | Necklace- c/o Mejuri (sold out) Similar | Shoes- Saltwater Sandals

If you know me at all, you know I loooove a good deal. Finding sales is my life blood and I love even more being able to share them here! 
And when the weather starts turning cool it is THE BEST time to search for warm weather deals. Shorts, sandals, short sleeve tops, swimsuits... there's deals all over the place for those this time of year! It the perfect time to stock up for next year.
The only real struggle with buying things on sale a year before you use them is if they kinda go out of style between when you bought them & when you want to use them! 
So here are my tips for buying out of season sale pieces:

- get staple pieces-- good basics aren't really going to go out of style so you don't have to worry about hating them next summer! Think tees, shorts, sandals, etc that don't have crazy designs or styles.

-sunglasses-- I wear sunnies all year round (like when I'm driving) so I don't feel like there necessarily a season that you don't use them. Despite this, they ALWAYS go on sale at the end of summer so snag a pair now!

-swimwear-- it's not just for summer! Vacations, hot tubbing, hot springs... there's a million reasons to wear your swimmers in the colder months! And it's great to buy them when most people have stopped looking-- the sales are awesome!

-versatile pieces-- these are things that can be used all year long in different ways! I love wearing a cute, flowy tank top over a long sleeve shirt, a short sleeve top under a cardigan, or pairing a floral skirt with a sweater & tights! As they start putting summer styles on sale, keep your mind open to how you can use thing in your fall wardrobe!


Tea n' Rose Embroidered Dress

You don't have to scroll through my blog very far before learning I have a sliiiiiight obsession with embroidery. Which is hilarious because it used to be that embroidery only reminded of me like, my grandma's needlepoint which didn't seem all that exciting. But it's definitely a staple in my wardrobe these days and there's no denying I've strongly considered taking up needlepoint.

Dress- c/o Tea n' Rose | Bag- Ellen & James (similar) | Shoes- c/o Free People

I feel like this dress fits my style SO well! It's in the neutral color family but definitely isn't boring. I love how the flared sleeves and embroidery add a little somethin' somethin' to it.
 And THIS BAG is so fun but literally goes with everything! It's like a miniature, more awesome version of carrying around a picnic basket & I'm allllll about it.

This cute dress was sent to me by Tea n' Rose which is a wholesale clothing shop! Their clothes can be found in a BUNCH of boutiques. It's so funny, because when they got in contact with me, I immediately remembered their name from the tags on a lot of my clothes hanging in my closet! I'm always drawn to their brand when I shop local or online boutiques (Roolee BoutiqueCalled to Surf & Soel Boutique are a few shops that I know carry this brand). So next time you're shopping, check the tags for Tea n' Rose or Orange Creek (their other brand name)! I bet some of your favorites are from their shop!