Janelle In Real Life: A beginning.


A beginning.

So... this one time I started a blog. And then said blog decided to misbehave and delete itself. Apparently the internet had no interest in hearing about my thoughts.
Well in your face internet because I decided to start a new (and better) blog! I promise that I will do my best to update this one more frequently than once every 6 months. Especially since I am pregnant (surprise!) and I'll be done with both school and work starting in June. After that, I'll just be sitting around...being pregnant...and updating my blog. Good times.
So I figured it would be a good idea to document my pregnancy adventures. Also, other adventures in my/our (since this is a shared blog and all) life. As of now, I'm 24 weeks along in my pregnancy! It's been awesome since for almost the entire first 20 weeks I was throwing up allllllll the time. And now I'm not! Poor Steven had no idea what to do with me... so I'm glad it's over (for his sake and mine).
Here's a funny story. I remember one specific time during my 20 week period of sickness when I was looking for something to make for dinner. I was in the process of checking out something in the freezer when I smelled something DISGUSTING and that very second I started throwing up into the kitchen sink. It was ridiculous. Needless to say, I let Steven handle dinner that night. Also, I told him to find whatever was in the freezer that smelled like a rotten, dead animal and throw it the heck away. He searched the freezer AND refrigerator high and low and there was NOTHING. It was insane. I apparently smelled a non-existent smell that made me spontaneously vomit. Again I say, I am glad those days are over.
So in other news...In one week, Steven and I will be headed to Oregon!! I can't even wait... I don't think seeing my family every 6 months is an acceptable situation to be in. Also, any of your Oregonians who want to party next weekend... just let me know! I'll be having a baby shower there on Saturday the 26th and if any of you ladies would like to come, just facebook me or something and i'll get you the info.
I'm cramming a lot of random things in this post it seems like, but I have a lot of catching up to do. But here are a few pictures of our sweet baby boy :)
Isn't he precious?!

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