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just things.

26 weeks folks! That is how far along this pregnancy is. Which means I only have 14 left until my due date! I can't wait to get this little boy out of me to hold and love. Unfortunately, we also have sooooo many things to do before he gets here! Like pick his name for example. Here is our current list of favorite baby names:
  • Chase
  • Jordan
  • Carson
  • Logan
  • Carter
Right now Carson is my fave. Also, Steven is painting his room right now so he doesn't have to have pink walls! Hooray! Seriously though, I feel like I have 3497821404384298710 things to do. I only have 2 weeks left of school for this term so I'm pretty busy with papers and such as well. But oh boy am I excited to be done with school for a while!

We just got back from a trip to Oregon/Las Vegas this week and when I am feeling less lazy I will post some pictures or something. It was so great seeing my family and friends but the trip was waaaay too short.

Also, seven peaks opens this week so you know where this girl will be for the remainder of the summer!! Too bad I can't go on the water slides....

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