Janelle In Real Life: I'm freeeee


I'm freeeee

Hello friends. Today was my first responsibility-free day! School ended this week (it was my last day until January....weird.) and since I'm now no longer a student, I had to stop working as well. That was unfortunate. Mostly because I will miss my work peeps soooo bad! Here is a list of reasons why I will miss working as an RA for Dr. Call (in no particular order):

-parties. Our last party was "C" themed meaning everyone had to bring food and things that started with the letter C. We had cookies, cupcakes, cake balls, cheetos, cranberry juice, chocolate milk, and other "C" things. I'm not sure why that was the theme of our party... but it was a great idea. Although, I was told Chris Bosh would be coming since he is a "C" but he was busy playing in the NBA finals I guess.

- talking points. for those who don't know... rather than using talking points to lead our discussions at work, they are retrospective. That way, every time we talk about something weird or funny, people that come in later will know what we talked about! It leads to a lot of convo repeats but it's still good times.

-Dr. Call. He is the nicest man and reminds me of a grandpa. He makes grandpa jokes a lot that I laugh at for about 10 minutes after he tells them.

- movie mash-ups. these started with Christian who knows more about movies than most people in the world. He explains the plot of two movies as if they were one and it's like before & after on wheel of fortune where there is a matching word on both titles. We then have to figure out what movies are part of the mash-up! It def makes time go by faster at work.

-Pandora that lets you shuffle entire stations. I don't know how we didn't discover this until like last month, but oh my. Everyone at work gets a station of their choosing and Pandora just shuffles right through them for us! It's amazing.

There are so many other great things about my (former) job, but those are the things that I can think of now. Mostly I will miss great conversations and awesome people.

In other news, Steven is running in a relay race all night somewhere in Utah... so I am experiencing my first night without him since we've been married. It's only overnight which will prepare me for when he leaves for a whole weekend next month for his bro's wedding. Seriously though, I feel like such a wimp because I am DYING of boredom without him. I am embarrassed to say I totally cried when I had to drop him off and knew he wasn't coming back until the next day. I blame it on pregnancy hormones. So I will continue to sit on the couch watching "say yes to the dress" and drinking my weight in water (my doctor keeps getting after me to stay hydrated since he's pretty sure I was having dehydration problems recently when I was getting sick). Also my baby won't stop kicking me in the ribs. Good times.

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  1. Oh my gosh, Janelle. You are my favorite. Love the shout-out to the work kids. I especially enjoyed the part about Chris Bosh.

    Ew, I miss you already. I hate this.

    Also, tell Rocky to settle down.