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more things.

Oh pregnancy. My poor little body is sick of being sick! I had "morning sickness" (I have no idea who decided that was an appropriate name) for the first 20ish weeks of pregnancy after EVERYONE told be it would go away after my first trimester was over. Well I am here to tell you that is not always the case. And now I'm sick AGAIN. Yayyyyyyy......

The good news is, while this should be crunch time for me since the school term is almost over and finals are almost here, I really don't have that much to do. I lucked out there. I am also lucky that I have an awesome job where I can pick my own hours! So it's really not the end of the world if I get sick and can't work. Unfortunately, being sick is just not fun.

Anyways.... life is still pretty good. Steven finished painting the baby's room (I got sick of not being able to hang out with him while he painted so I joined and painted a whole corner! Don't worry, the room was well ventilated). Also we bought a stroller! and a diaper bag! and a bouncer! and we got some baby boy clothes from a yard sale! So we are getting there with buying baby things.

Also, my super sexy husband is running a race next weekend! It's the Ragnar relay race that goes from Logan to Park City Utah and he gets to run 3 or 4 legs of it. He's so cool with all of this race-running he does. Last summer, he did a triathlon and did such a good job! So every once in a while I will come to the gym with him and walk on the treadmill while he runs. It's a little demoralizing that he's going 3 times as fast as me, but whatevs. Another thing that I hate is that we both weighed ourselves when we were at the gym and we weigh THE SAME. So not fair. In my defense I am growing a child inside of me...but still.

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