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life these days

Here are some recent pictures...

me at 30 weeks!
Steven assembling the crib
crib all finished with his cute bedding :)

So mostly life is the same these days... it's just been pretty weird adjusting to life without working! I've been trying to keep myself busy with getting baby things ready and doing allllll of the things I've been putting off forever. Also, I'm planning on starting an online class or two next week so that I can start to get that out of the way...it's crazy that I'm so close to graduating!

Steven has just been working and then entertaining me when he gets home from work. I make him take me to get sno cones or slurpees most days. He's also taking off in a little over a week to go to Alabama for his brother's wedding! I'm a little jealous that he's going without me, but I'm past the point where the doctor will let me fly...how unfortunate. But I suppose I'd rather not risk giving birth on an airplane. I will miss him lots though...if you will recall I cried when he ran an overnight race and wasn't home, so we'll see how I do with him gone for 4 days! So if anyone wants to do girls night the weekend after this....I'd be down :)


  1. I LOVE the quilt!

  2. Girrrrrrrrl, we should totes hang out. F'reals, though. At work, we were talking about how much we miss you and I got really sad. Dang you, Rocky! jk, Rocky. You're pretty neat.