Janelle In Real Life: my weekend. by janelle reeves.


my weekend. by janelle reeves.

So this weekend Steven left for Alabama. His brother got married, so congrats to him and his new wife! I just think it's unfair that I was the only one in his family who didn't get to go... yay for being too pregnant to fly! Well, you would think my body/baby would take it easy on me seeing as I didn't have Steven at my beckon call but, you know, I just can't catch a break. I've been having this annoying pain in my abdomen for like the last week and a half that my doctor initially thought was just digestive problems (aka my intestines are all squished up inside of me so it makes things kind of uncomfortable) but the pain didn't go away so now the diagnosis is a pull or tear in my abdominal muscle. Fun, huh? And apparently all that you can do when this happens is take some tylenol and use a heating pad... which is fine except for that the pain comes right back when I take off the heating pad. So I can either stay glued to the couch/bed with the stupid heating pad... or I can just ignore the pain for a while. I swear, this baby better love me forever for all my body does for him. Also, I need to remember to call my mom and thank her for enduring me when I was a little fetus. But really, it's cool because I only have like 6 weeks till his due date!

Also, Steven and I went to these prenatal classes that are supposed to prepare you as first-time parents for the joys of labor and child birth. I just want you all to know that up to this point I hadn't actually seen a birth but WOW does that look like fun!!! Seriously though, not excited about that.

I promise though, I don't only have negative feelings about having a baby... it's easy to complain a lot since there's a lot of physical discomfort associated with pregnancy, but I really am excited for my son to get here. Plus, I can't wait to see Steven as a dad. He keeps telling me that he has no idea what to do with a tiny newborn and he's afraid he'll hold it wrong or something but he's going to be so great.

Also, since I've been a little more bored than usual I decided to make our living room prettier. Steven hasn't seen it yet... but that's what he gets for leaving me for 4 days.
I can't believe that it's taken me so long to finally put up pictures and everything! I have some time on my hands these days and I figured it was about time.

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  1. Dang it, Janelle! I should have come and hung out with your or something. I have been working on like a ton of dance choreography that I really think you (and Rocky) would have loved, haha jk. Oh well, your loss, I guess haha. Also, I say it every time, but I one MILLION miss you.