Janelle In Real Life: It's really hard for me to come up with titles for my posts....


It's really hard for me to come up with titles for my posts....

Hello friends. I am blogging in order to avoid doing my online class right now! So you know how hard it is to be motivated to get things done even with deadlines and due dates? Well I can tell you that the lack of deadlines and due dates makes procrastination 2018395034713043 times worse. But don't worry everyone... I'm exercising a little more self control now and forcing myself to actually do the assignments for my online class. Unfortunately, this means I can't be at seven peaks right now which is my punishment.
Speaking of school type things, for some reason I have been asked a lot recently about school by people I don't really know. Probably because they are surprised to hear that I am still in school whilst being pregnant. Ok people, just because I am having a baby does not mean I am going to just forget about finishing school. I mean, I have ONE semester left and I don't know why it surprises everyone that I plan on finishing my degree! Anyways... the funniest part is almost always the reaction I get when I tell them my major. So my degree is in sociology and these are the most common reactions:
A) Oh.... so what are you even going to do with that?
B) So you're planning on going to grad school then?
C) What's sociology?
D) (my personal favorite) Oh, so you study sociopathic people?
Ok so I've only heard the last one one time but it killed me. But really, people are pretty harsh when you tell them you're studying a social science. Those haters just need to take a chill pill.
Also, if you can believe it, my baby is due in ONE MONTH!! I have started to freak out a little because WHAT?! That is way too soon. I am so excited though... I bet he's the cutest little newborn ever. I mean, he pretty much got the best genes ever so....yeah. It blows my mind that he could be here any day now since I will be full term in like a week and a half.
But really that's all that is going on in life these days. Homework....Olympics watching....being pregnant....partying....etc. Fun times.

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