Janelle In Real Life: update on life at 37 weeks pregnant!


update on life at 37 weeks pregnant!

So here's a little update on the happenings of our life. I will be 37 weeks along in the pregnancy on Thursday! That means baby reeves is coming soon whether we are ready or not! We have most of the things we will need for when he arrives, I just need to prepare myself mentally for all of this change. Also, not to mention get some good sleep in while I still can!
Speaking of losing sleep, let me tell you about my exciting weekend. It all started Friday morning after Steven had already left for work. I was minding my own business when all of the sudden I started to get SERIOUSLY intense pain in my abdomen and back. I had no idea what it was so I called my doctor's office and sort of panted to the nurse what was wrong. She said "honey, you don't sound so good..." Yeah, no kidding. So the nurse's advice was to go to labor and delivery in the hospital so they could monitor the baby and also see what was wrong with me. So I went on my jolly way to the hospital and tried to sit still while they monitored me. I don't know if you've ever tried to sit still while experiencing the worst pain of your life, but it is HARD! The nurse was getting so frustrated with me because I kept moving and the monitor would stop picking up the baby's heartbeat. Well I'm sorry, but aren't those things supposed to be on your during labor? And isn't labor extremely painful? Well then they shouldn't be so sensitive to movement. Anyway, they  determined that I had kidney stones and decided not to keep my overnight and sent me on my way full of fluids and pain relievers. Unfortunately since I am pregnant they couldn't give me any of the more potent pain killers so I would take some pills, sleep for an hour or two, and then be up again in horrible pain and have to wait a few more hours to take more pills. It was a very un-fun weekend. Since the pain was so intense and wasn't getting any better, I had to talk to some more doctors who told me various things. They thought it was an infection in my kidney for a while... so they prescribed me some $50 antibiotics and gave me a shot to the hip that hurt SO bad. The next day they decided that was wrong and that is probably was actually kidney stones. But did anyone ever think to actually look at my kidney? Not really. I kept asking if they were going to ultrasound it or anything and they were like "no... we don't need to do that yet." Now I understand that ultrasounds are sort of expensive (I found this out after getting the bill for our baby's ultrasounds) but seriously, lets just diagnose this thing and move on with our lives! So finally... four days later... the pain is gone. And that is when I get a call from a nurse who is like "we think that maybe we should ultrasound your kidney since you've been in constant pain for the last 4 days." But you know what? I don't even care. I'm just glad the pain is gone! Also I've heard that kidney stones and childbirth are comparable as far as levels of pain... I will let you all know in the next few weeks which is worse. But honestly, I can't complain too much since through this experience I've found that I have the best husband in the whole world. He stayed up with me a lot of the time even though he had to go to work and everything. Not that there was much for him to actually do to help me... but he wanted me to know he was there for me which is pretty much the sweetest thing ever.
But now since I've only gotten like 12 hours of sleep in the last 4 nights combined, I will be sleeping for the rest of the week. Good night.

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