Janelle In Real Life: 40 weeks + 1 day


40 weeks + 1 day

Dear friends,
Sorry...no baby yet. His due date was yesterday so he is officially late. Silly baby. It's ok though because I've realized there's a lot I should have been doing to get ready for the craziness but I've been putting it off. Instead, I've been really busy watching every episode of Gossip Girl on Netflix. You can go ahead and judge me for that one. It's one of those shows that as you're watching it you're like "why am I watching this... it is so lame!" but you just keep watching anyway. Also I've been on a cleaning/organizing kick since I figure I will have a lot less time to do things like that once the baby is here. The frustrating thing is that our kitchen is likely the biggest room in our whole apartment (weird, I know) and it is SO hard to keep clean! Stupid dishes and needing to cook and stuff.
So mostly I'm here just killing time until I go in to labor. The good news is that if he doesn't come on his own by Wednesday, they will induce me so I really only have 5 days max to wait it out! Hooray! Also, I was thinking that being induced might be nice. I can eat a ton of food before I go in, I will feel a lot more prepared and not as rushed, and mostly just knowing how things are going to happen is nice. Although, now that I've said that, the baby will probably decide to actually come before then just to throw me off. Well, either way will be great since I'm soooo ready to be done with pregnancy for now and to be able to hold my son :)
Unfortunately for anyone who was hoping we were up to something exciting these days...we pretty much are not. Although it has been pretty funny around the Reeves household lately since Steven tore his hamstring during an ultimate frisbee game. Steven is pretty hardcore when it comes to sports and apparently went in to a full extension dive to catch a pass during the game he was playing and injured himself. Poor kid. The funny thing is that I am so used to Steven getting up and doing things for me since I'm like gigantically pregnant and stuff. Things like bending over are super fun. Well since he hurt his leg he can't really do those either so we just sit there pitifully. Also watching us walk together is a hilarious moment I'm sure because he has to limp all weird and I have to waddle. It's gotten worse for me too since the baby has dropped and when I stand up it feels like something is going to fall out of me. You all wish you were as cool as us though :)
Anyway, hopefully the next time I blog it will be about having a baby! So excited. And for those of you who want to know his name... well we don't know either. Every time I ask Steven about it, he just says I don't know... and I don't have a favorite name choice... so we decided that means we will wait to name him until he's born. Procrastination due to indecisiveness is how we live.

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