Janelle In Real Life: Baby Carson is here!


Baby Carson is here!

Dear Friends,
I have exciting news for you. In case you haven't heard... our little one was finally born! Little Carson James was born on Tuesday Sept. 11 at 11:51 a.m. He was 8 lbs 7 oz and 20 inches long. He is the most perfect thing I have ever seen :)

Now here is my labor story.
Monday morning I went to the doctor for a check up and to get myself scheduled for an induction since baby was taking his dear sweet time getting here. I'd been having a lot of cramping and pain in the last day so I was hoping that meant my labor was progressing on its. Unfortunately, my doc told me I was only 1 cm dilated and 60% thinned out. To translate... I was nowhere close to having this baby. He scheduled me for an induction and told me who the on-call doctor would be that day who would deliver my baby. He said, "if you by some miracle go in to labor tomorrow then I would be your delivery doctor... but it looks like that won't be happening" and sent me on my way.
 At about 2:00 pm that same day I started having contractions. At first they just kind of hurt and were mostly just annoying while I was trying to make dinner, but by the time Steven got home and we were eating dinner I was having a pretty hard time with the pain. We timed them for hours and they were still irregular. This is no fun because they don't consider it actual labor until your contractions are regular and then they won't admit you to the hospital until they're 2-4 minutes apart and you're labor is progressing. I decided to give up on the idea of being able to go to the hospital that night and got in the shower to help relax me. I would yell out to Steven every time I had a contraction and by the time I was done, they were 3-4 minutes apart. Of course. I did NOT want to go to the hospital with wet hair. Steven ran around getting our hospital bag together and generally freaking out and I blow-dried my hair and had lots of contractions. We got to the hospital just before midnight and ended up getting admitted. By then, I had been in labor for 10 hours and they HURT. I was trying my best to breathe through them and that honestly helped a lot, but oh man... once I got the epidural, I was having a good old time.

After the epidural, we waited/tried to sleep/watched my contractions on the monitor. Sleeping was hard to come by for me... mostly because they had me attached to a stupid blood pressure cuff all night that seriously took my blood pressure every 20 minutes or so. When something squeezes the life out of your arm every 20 minutes it can be pretty hard to fall asleep. Steven tried to put me out of my misery by just taking the cuff off and hoping that knowing my blood pressure wasn't super important, but the cuff inflated every 20 minutes anyway and when it realized there was no arm to squeeze it set off a really loud and annoying alarm. So basically I couldn't win. I can say though that an annoying blood pressure cuff is probably better than feeling your contractions so I can't complain too much.
By a little after 11 a.m. I was fully dilated and ready to push! The only thing was that my legs were completely numb from the epidural and I had no sort of control over their movement. As I was getting ready to push the nurse was holding onto on of my legs and sort of forgot that I couldn't feel/move it and let go and it fell completely off the bed. That was weird/embarrassing. Well I pushed for 20-30 minutes before I had my baby! The nurse took him over to clean him and make sure he was healthy and said "Oh, he has a chin dimple, just like his daddy" and I was 34209103389710 times excited. He went to the NICU for an hour or two because there was some junk in his lungs and he was breathing kind of weird, but Steven followed him there to make sure everything was ok and they both came back to me a few hours later.

I've had a pretty rough recovery because that baby was pretty large and I definitely had to get some stitches. But Steven and my mom and sister have been helping me a ton with taking care of me and Carson.

My baby boy is so sweet and loves being held. He is super calm and only cries when we do irritating things like change his diaper or take to long feeding him. He has beautiful dark eyes and lots of dark hair. He is so tiny and cute and has the chubbiest cheeks (he can thank me for that one). I love him with all of my heart and Steven and I could not be happier :)


  1. Janelle....so happy for you and Steve. Carson is precious. You did it, there is nothing like bringing a new life into this world. You are his world, cherish him, love him, it passes you by so quickly but nothing will ever take away the bond between a mother and her baby boy.
    Love you all,
    Auntie De.

  2. I loved reading your baby story Janelle. Now that I am a mom myself I love reading about babies.