Janelle In Real Life: Baby gear we think is awesome.


Baby gear we think is awesome.

So I thought it would be a good idea to share with those who are curious which baby items have been awesome thus far.
This is the diaper bag I have (mine is a different color scheme) and I LOVE it. It has a shoulder strap but can also be carried as a backpack which is awesome when you have lots of things to carry (which you absolutely do with a baby). It also has a built in changing pad and plenty of pockets for all the things you need. It's a little on the expensive side but worth it in my opinion and you can find them for a little bit cheaper on ebay. It's called the boxy backpack made by petunia pickle bottom and you can find it here.

This is the chicco cortina travel system and the stroller is great! It maneuvers really well and even has a cup holder AND a snack holder for me :) We love having a travel system because you can take the baby carrier part of the carseat and put it right into the stroller so they never need to be unbuckled.

Boppy pillows are so great for nursing! If I didn't have one of these my arms would get super sore. Pillows are definitely a necessity for nursing and the boppy is nice because it wraps around you and stays put.

This is a graco brand swing and it is awesome. I'm sure most baby swings are equally great and the reason we ended up getting this one was because we found it at a second hand store for $30. It definitely helps us in the middle of the night when our little one is having trouble falling asleep or needs to be soothed.

We have the graco "meadow menagerie" pack n play and it is a pretty cool baby gadget. It has a changing table, a napper, and a bassinet and is a little playard for when they are older. We have this in our room right now so our little one sleeps in the napper and when we need to change him the changing table is right there! It also plays music and vibrates which is kind of cool.

I definitely recommend some sort of cream for moms who are breastfeeding because in my experience it HURTS. Especially at first when you and baby are both trying to figure everything out. I have been using lanolin cream by lansinoh and it really helps!

Not all of these things are totally necessary to have and I'm sure it's different for everyone, but we just happened to appreciate all of these baby items so far. Our little one is only a little over a month old so I'm sure our favorites will change as time goes on!


  1. I totally agree on the boppy pillow & that breast/nipple cream. Also your diaper bag sounds amazing.

  2. A swing you definitely should own/ :)