Janelle In Real Life: I've been a mom for a month now...so I'm pretty much a pro.


I've been a mom for a month now...so I'm pretty much a pro.

My baby boy is a month old now! I can't even believe it. Time is sort of flying by these days. Carson is such a sweet baby and it is crazy how much love we have for him! He does new cute things everyday and honestly being a mom has been amazing so far. Life is exhausting and crazy but rewarding and completely worth it.


I knew before Carson was born that newborn babies affect your sleep and I thought I would be prepared for what I was getting into...but I was most definitely not. It didn't occur to me that newborns basically HAVE to wake you up every 3-4 hours to eat because their tummies are so tiny. It is crazy to me though how I can get by each day on pretty much no sleep. Those college days of pulling all-nighters are nothing compared to what you experience as a new mom.

Something else I've learned is that when you have a baby, people love you again and want to come visit you. Only not really you but your baby. I definitely welcome the visits though and it has been so nice to see friends and family! It takes a ton of effort to get out though so people coming to me is so great. The time it takes to get yourself ready, get your baby ready, feed them, change them, feed them again, change them again, change your clothes because they spit up all over you, change their clothes because they pooped on them, stop them from crying, put them in their carseat and go somewhere is ridiculous some days. My friend Kylee (who also just recently had a baby) and I decided to go shopping in Park City yesterday with both of our boys and it seriously wore me out so bad. Also my little honda civic could barely handle the quantity of baby gear we had to bring with us... it was hilarious.

Also ladies, if you want to really see the kind of man your significant other is... have a baby with them. I knew I picked a winner when I married Steven but he has reached a new kind of amazing with this whole dad thing. He is a pro diaper changer and will stay up with Carson sometimes if I'm going crazy or super tired. He is just so willing to help and understands that taking care of Carson is a team effort. I also just love to watch Steven interact with Carson. He loves trying to make him smile and I just love watching them together. So basically I am the luckiest girl in the world because my boys are so great.

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  1. awww,congratulations! i can't believe you are mom now :) Asel