Janelle In Real Life: babies, birthdays, football, and baby weight


babies, birthdays, football, and baby weight

Dear Friends,
It's time for a little update. My little boy will be 3 months old in a week and a half and he is getting so big! He likes to talk to us now and smiles allllll the time. It is so precious I could just die. He has cute pouty lips and chubby cheeks (he can thank his mama for that) and he is a little mover.

We also had his baby blessing a week ago! All of our family came down to Utah for Thanksgiving/Carson's blessing and it was wonderful to see everyone. They traveled from Oregon, California, and Alabama allll the way here just to hang out with us (and by us I mean Carson). And when I say all of our family, I seriously mean everyone. Parents, siblings, nieces, grandparents, aunts, uncles and cousins. It was so busy at the Reeves household... but we loved it. Carson was a little overwhelmed and I was sick, but we still had lots of fun. And now we are so excited for Carson to experience his first Christmas! He probably won't remember any of it, but we will take lots of pictures and I will have tons of fun spoiling him :)
This is Carson in his blessing outfit!
He's hanging out with his bff Landon who was born 12 days after him :)
In other news, Steven's birthday is on Thursday! I'm pretty confident that I am way more excited for it than he is. In fact, I let him open his presents today because I couldn't wait... but it was so fun. He is going to be 27... basically an old man. Also, he is suuuuuper excited because his most favorite college football team to going to the national championship! We watched the game that decided their fate last night and it was cracking me up the whole time. Steven gets so into it. He has to pace sometimes... and he can't sit on the couch, he has to crouch on the floor so that he can jump up if something exciting happen. Also, he runs around yelling and pumping his fist when Alabama scores. I had a hard time paying attention to the game because Steven's reactions were so much more entertaining.

And as for me... my big accomplishment recently is that I have lost all of my baby weight! I am officially back to the weight I was before my pregnancy. I'm pretty sure my hips are never going back to the size they were before and can definitely not fit into pants from the Juniors department anymore which is unfortunate since they are so much cheaper. Pregnancy definitely changes your body... and I was assuming that once I lost the baby weight I would look the same as I did before. It's all good though... little Carson is worth all the trouble.

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  1. Happy birthday Steven! And congrats Janelle on being a hot mama and to Carson on getting blessed! Sounds like you guys are doing great:)