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Stuff and Things

Dear Friends,
It has been a while since I've blogged... and I am determined to actually keep up with this one. So this post may or may not be moderately boring, but deal with it.
So I was feeling extra domestic and made Christmas goodies. Unfortunately, Steven is a CRAZY and doesn't eat chocolate so I MUST give the goodies away or I will weight a jillion pounds. Also probs get sick.

Carson is as adorable as ever and he is so excited for CHRISTMAS!!! Only not really because he doesn't even know what Christmas is yet. But I am excited enough for the both of us and I am always telling him about how fun Christmas time is and he has to be absorbing some of that information, right? Sometimes I feel kind of weird for talking to my baby as much as I do but Carson and I get a lot of quality time together during the day and whether or not he understands me he gets to hear me talk all day long. And he frequently talks back to me! Only his stories sound kind of like "Ohhhhh galala skalfivxdja waaaaaaaaaaa!" or something like that.

Steven is officially on Christmas break so he gets to party with us alllll day long now! It is so much easier to get things done when Steven is around... I can even shower before noon! What a life I have.

Also, I go back to school in January! I have one more class that I need to take on campus and then just a few more online classes. I've been super stressed trying to figure out how to get those classes out of the way and just graduate already! It will happen, it's just taking longer than I thought it would. School is hard to do when you also have an infant to take care of.

So mostly we are excited for Christmas and life is great.

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