Janelle In Real Life: A Little Reminiscing...


A Little Reminiscing...

So I love my life right now. Being a mom to my sweet little boy is the best thing! I truly married my best friend and I love getting to spend everyday with him. But I have to say... Sometimes I miss all the fun times that I had when I was a free little bird.
I feel like up to this point in my life, I've constantly been surrounded by friends and good times. In high school we seriously treated everyday like it was the weekend and had fun allll the time. I honestly am not sure how we graduated with how little time we spent doing homework. Life in college was pretty amazing too... living with 5 other girls was always entertaining and I was lucky enough to have amazing roommates who were always up for getting out and doing something.
Another thing abut college... I love my major. It took me sooooo long to figure out what the heck I was even doing in college, but soon enough I settled on Sociology as my major and I haven't looked back. I have met some amazing people from my classes and also my job in the sociology department that I was able to snag working for a professor. I had never had a job where I enjoyed working with every single coworker until this one.
So anyway..... my point is that I miss all these peeps. It is so much harder to socialize when you're a mom, and not taking very many classes on campus, and you know, life just gets busy. But, I miss my pals.
I have learned so many useful things from my awesome friends. Darci taught me to never touch you hair after you straighten it because it's really hot. Michelle taught me that eating ice cream from a mug is good portion control and now I only eat ice cream from a mug. Rosi taught me that it's ok to wear sequins any day of the week. Kylee taught me that shopping the clearance racks is the only way to shop. Stacy taught me to never make jokes about someone being pregnant when it's entirely possible that they are actually pregnant and haven't told anyone yet. Tamera taught me that wearing your little brother's t-shirt and neon earrings is a fabulous fashion statement. There are so many other useful things that I have learned from these cool cats.
Well this is my tribute to my long lost friends. Love you all.

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