Janelle In Real Life: Life update: and apparently I'm not the boss.


Life update: and apparently I'm not the boss.

Dear blog readers,
Its been a while. Sorry about that. Life has been pretty busy these days and when there's down time I aways forget about blogging. I started school again so that keeps me pretty busy! I feel like I'm always stressing about homework because I never know when Carson is going to be fussy and need all of my attention so I have to do as much homework as I can during the breaks he gives me.
Carson is just the cutest little thing and he is getting so big! We just started putting him in 6 month sized clothes and I feel like he's going to outgrow those any day now! He's starting to get into a routine (kind of) which is nice except I've realized that his routine is just as much of an important thing for me as it is for him. Knowing when he's going to go to bed for the night and when he's going to take naps and everything is great for me to know so that I can schedule my day accordingly. Carson like to surprise me sometimes though and go to sleep 2 hours later than normal... or decide he doesn't want to nap (which means I spend most of the day trying to get him to nap) which can be kind of frustrating. Pretty much I've learned that Carson is the boss, not me. Once that was established, life became a little less stressful :)
These days we party indoors a lot... Utah has been freakishly cold lately! Like we're talking in the negative, which I am NOT used to. So we've been watching lots of movies and having lots of homemade meals with whatever we can find in our pantry so we don't have to venture outside as much.
However, I have been able to venture out to go shopping of course. Steven was a peach and let me have a little time to myself so I decided to go shopping at the outlets that they just put in Lehi (a mere 30 minutes from my house)! Outlets are my favorite thing ever. Especially when sales are happening. Aaand I purchased my very first pair of colored jeans! What a milestone.
So life is pretty much awesome and full of fun things.

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