Janelle In Real Life: It's an "A" day.


It's an "A" day.

Dear Friends,
It is Friday and therefore...date night. Date night has changed a lot for Steven and I over the years, and especially so since our little one has been here. He has just recently started going to bed earlier (finally) so now Steven and I have some time to ourselves in the evening.
We decided that we needed to have more fun with our date nights so we are starting to do letter-themed dates. I got this idea from a friend that did this with her husband, but basically you go through the alphabet and each weekend have a date that is themed around a specific letter. We are starting at the beginning of the alphabet so tonight is "A". I am in charge this time and I've decided to do "Australian Food" (aka Outback) ordered in of course so we can enjoy our food while Carson is sleeping, "Art Project" in which we will each draw a picture of our dream home for the future, and watching the "Avengers" (also perhaps finishing "Atlantis" which we started watching last night). It will be a spectacular evening.
I'll definitely post pictures of our date activities and also let you know what Steven comes up with for "B" next weekend.

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  1. oh my, I LOVE this idea! I am trying it out for sure~