Janelle In Real Life: Life Happenings.


Life Happenings.

Oh hey there friends. So I am just really excited because I am writing this blog post on our new computer! Hooray! So my old one is from like 5 years ago and it has been through a lot of things. I'm pretty sure it's been sat on, stepped on, thrown around the room, had glow-stick juice splattered on it, taken apart and put back together, among so many other things. So it has been a trooper through my college years. Lately it's been having a lot of problems like the screen will just go blank in the middle of doing something for no reason...and it's really slow....oh and we have to do this to get it to charge:

Incase you can't tell, the power cord is pulled behind the computer and weighed down by three books and a vase. That is the only way we can get it to charge. Anyway.... we decided that since I'm still in school we should go ahead and get a new computer before the old one dies completely. So hooray for that!

In other news... Carson is just being cute as usual. He has been sleeping soooo much better lately. He actually lets us put him down awake without having to rock/nurse him to sleep AND he's been going to bed at like 9! (which is amazing compared to midnight like it has been). We're still working on getting him to take naps and sometimes the only way he will nap is if I put him down on our bed. 

This is unfortunate because I can't just leave him on our bed and turn the baby monitor on as I go do homework or something because he is a little rollie-pollie and would probs roll right off the bed. But it's a work in progress.

As for me... I am still going hardcore at school and getting all of that done. Mostly my life these days is baby and homework. I have also been trying to build my wardrobe back up since I didn't buy clothes during my pregnancy (except maternity ones) and I realized that a lot of the clothes that I have are from high school. Probs time to update. So In the last few months I bought some new jeans and stuff... only oops because I actually have been losing more weight. I actually weigh less now than I did before I got pregnant which is awesome except that I don't fit into any of my jeans INCLUDING THE NEW ONES. This is pretty devastating. 
Fortunately though, I do fit into my sassy pants. These are my sweet purple pants that I feel like make me look sassy so I love them. Here is what they look like:

You can't really see how purple they are but they are really awesome, trust me.

Also, here's a fun fact about Steven. One time while we were dating I asked him a kind of lame question which was "what's your favorite holiday?" usually people say Christmas... or Thanksgiving... or Halloween if they really want to be different. But Steven told me his favorite was Easter. I don't have anything against the Easter holiday but I just didn't know very many people who considered it their FAVORITE. Anyway, I asked him why and he told me that it was because it was the only time of the whole year that they sold sour starburst jelly beans. ..........say what? Well he's pretty obsessed with the candy so every February 15th after the valentines things are put away and the easter candy comes out we go on an adventure to find the coveted jellybeans. This year I found them at Smith's (after scavenging through the unopened boxes of easter candy that still hadn't been unpacked yet) and brought home a bunch for Steven.

He was so excited. 

We are having fun these days and enjoying the beautiful sunshine-y weather.