Janelle In Real Life: Scout camp outs, Jazz games, and LOTS of cute pictures.


Scout camp outs, Jazz games, and LOTS of cute pictures.

Wow guys, sorry it took forever for me to update this thing. I know you're all DYING to know about my life and stuff (but mostly you want to see adorable pictures of my child). I promise there will be plenty of pictures of Carson that are so cute you will just die.
We are mostly doing the same boring things these days... Steven did get to go on some cool overnight trips recently leaving me with baby all night by myself (don't worry, I survived). He went on a camp out with the 11 year old scouts (in winter say whaaaat?) and had a pretty good time there. When I asked him how it went he said it was pretty cool but that 11 year olds go to bed really early. He also went to California for work for like one day so he didn't get to have much fun while he was there. I kept telling him how cool it would be that he could sleep all night without having to wake up to a crying baby or spend the jillions of hours that we do every night trying to get Carson to go to sleep. How relaxing, right? Well it would have been except for that apparently there was a car alarm going off every 10 minutes in the parking lot of the hotel he was staying at starting at 4 a.m. so he got less sleep than I did. Actually, Carson slept for 11 hours straight that night, so ha.
As for me... I am still doing the school thing and really trying to finish and stuff. I went and talked to an academic counselor about graduating and I pretty much have to apply for graduating in August. That kind of rushes my plans, but I will just be hardcore with my 15 credits I have left and finish in the next 4-5 months (hopefully). Yay!
Carson is being cute as usual and doing lots of cool new things every day! He is a little rollie-pollie and he likes to roll from one side of the room to the other. He also kind of scoot-crawls which is really funny to watch. He works SO HARD and gets a few inches from where he started.

He also started eating solid food things! He's tried bananas, sweet potatoes, and peaches so far and he likes them now! Every time we feed him a new food though he makes this grossed out face and it's really funny.

He also got some play time with his little pal Landon who is 12 days younger than him. Yep, my friend Kylee and I timed things pretty well, didn't we? We were roommates in college...and we married roommates (in the same summer)... and then we went ahead and got pregnant within weeks of each other and had babies less than two weeks apart. We are just cool like that.

Also, I realize that this post is getting really long and lots of people have probs already stopped reading but I have to tell our story of attempting to take Carson to a Jazz game. So Steven's work gets season tickets to Jazz games every year and they raffle off the tickets to all of the employees. We got tickets for the game on Monday and decided Carson would probably be fine to bring with us as long as we brought food and toys and stuff. He was pretty happy when we got there which was awesome so we figured he would be good. I did have to take him out right before the game started when they were announcing all the players because it was soooo loud, even for me. I brought him back in once the game started and it was a lot quieter. Although, apparently he did not enjoy the clapping and cheering that happened every time someone made a basket (which is like every 30 seconds) and he would burst out crying whenever people would cheer. I should have seen this coming though, because he also cries pretty hysterically every time I run the vacuum. Oops. Well, after a good 5 minutes of watching basketball, we decided to leave so Carson could stop being miserable and went to get frozen yogurt instead. It was an almost successful outing.

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  1. My favorite was the line about the vacuum. Ha, poor kid.