Janelle In Real Life: Crazy Cool Card-Playing Cats.


Crazy Cool Card-Playing Cats.

What is up my friends.
So as promised, here is our date night from last weekend which was "C" themed.
We had yummy crab legs for dinner...

 So good, guys. Also not even expensive! It was like $8 a for a pound (so $4 each serving) and then the veggies we had with it cost pennies really. Definitely a dinner fave.

Following dinner we played card games. Now if any of you were around when Steven and I started dating, you know that our love was based on a mutual liking of competitive games. Most commonly, the card game speed. For some reason we were addicted to playing this game! Also, before he asked me out and when I just had a crush on the kid, I would use playing speed as an excuse to hang out with him. nbd. So anyway, we were excited to play it again because it has been FOREVER. Only, neither of us actually remembered how to play. We even looked it up on wikipedia (my most used resource) and the way they were describing it was not how we remembered playing. We tried playing it the way wikipedia said to, but it was just not as exciting. Steven thought it would be a good idea to play Egyptian Ratscrew (what a strange name) which involves a lot of slapping and remembering things about face cards and I kept getting confused. Also people who know Steven know that he is a certified GENIUS and any game that requires thinking he will dominate you at. So I lost 45830176984301943 times. I told Steven that we were going to sit there and keep playing until I won and so I'm pretty sure he let me win the last round that we played :)

And for our "C" night dessert we had delicious cake bites from a cute bakery near where we live.

It was a great date-night-in. As you may have noticed so far in our Alphabet dates, we do things at home or with our baby a lot of the time. I am definitely not opposed to getting a babysitter for date night and we've done that a few times before, but I think it's nice to also be able to not have to worry about a babysitter! Date nights can still happen when your baby is asleep for the night and it is not against the rules to bring the baby with you places. Whatever makes date night happen for us is what we do :)

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