Janelle In Real Life: "D" day.


"D" day.

So last weekend we had our "D" date! It was great fun. Steven was in charge and here's what he planned for us:

We went disc golfing! I got Steven a disc golf set for Christmas so we got to put it to good use. We went to the disc golf course at the park right near our house and had a fabulous time.

Carson came along and partied hard in his stroller. Also, his new thing is wanting to hold his own bottle! He loves his new found independence.

We also had a cute little picnic at the park we were at (even though picnic doesn't start with D) BUT we went to the store beforehand and got doritos and drinks (mine was even dasani!) which are both D's so it counted.

Aren't we just the cutest little family?! We also had our "E" date this weekend which I will post about soon!

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  1. I love these photos! Everything looks so green. And you have the most adorable child and the most beautiful hair. J sayin.