Janelle In Real Life: In Case You Were Wondering...


In Case You Were Wondering...

Dear Friends,
It's been awhile since I've updated about regular things on my blog... I've been busy doing our alphabet date posts! So anyway, just thought I'd do a little update on us cool kids.

Carson is adorable as always and is getting SO big. Seriously, I looked at him the other day and almost started crying because he looks so much less like a little baby and so much more like a big kid! He's 7 1/2 months old now and here are some of his fave things:

Rolling. Seriously, the kid rolls everywhere. He can get across the room by rolling in a few seconds no problem. His favorite things to roll to are things with cords (like the laptop, our space heater, my straightener, the breast pump, etc.) so it's probably time to baby proof a little better.

Socks. I have no idea why but Carson is a big fan of socks. As soon as I put sock on his little feet, he pulls them off and sticks them in his mouth. Also, I recently learned that my socks are way better than any of his toys to play with (I give him socks I haven't worn because otherwise that would be kind of gross).

Baby food. My child is an EATER. Sometimes I have to cut him off because he's already eaten like 4 things of baby food in one sitting and I'm afraid he'll become obese or something. His faves are fruits of course and he does NOT like peas. It's so funny to watch his face when we feed him peas, he looks so grossed out.

Sitting (kind of). He's starting to like sitting up a little more... it used to be that I would sit him up and 3 seconds later he's tipped himself over and is back on his tummy (home position for this kiddo). He just gets so distracted by EVERYTHING so sitting is kind of boring for him. He's learning that sitting is not so bad now though.

Singing in church. Oh my goodness, this is my favorite thing that he does. So Carson usually likes church for the first hour because it's a new place with lots to look at (the next two hours are another story...) so he's pretty happy then. We sing 2-3 hymns during the first hour and Carson sings right along with us. Seriously, it is so great. He just yells as loud as he can during the whole song (it's drowned out by everyone else singing so only the people around us can hear) and then as soon as the song is over he's quiet again. Steven and I were laughing so hard on Sunday... it's the cutest thing I have ever witnessed.

Steven is also pretty awesome. He's running a relay race in Moab in a couple weeks so he's been running a lot to prepare for that. He's been enjoying his job and bringin' home the bacon. He's been following baseball and trying to keep up with the Braves (his fave team) but unfortunately we don't get ESPN anymore which is suuuuper lame. Poor little Steven.

As for me... I finished two of the classes I was taking which means I just have to finish the 3 online ones I'm taking right now and then I am DONE! I am halfway done with two of them and like a third of the way through the other. Graduation is a mere 3 1/2 months away and I am so stoked. Also, it is my birthday on Friday! Hooray! I'm so lucky because I have my birthday on the 3rd, our wedding anniversary is on the 7th, and then my very first mother's day is on the 12th! May is a good month for me.

Also, get ready Medford folks because we are coming June 1st! I am soooooo excited. My little sister is graduating from high school that week (say what?!) so we are coming to party with the fam. We are going to cram as much fun and excitement into that week as possible so if you're in the area and want to get together (and see my cute baby) just let me know!

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