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little o' this, little o' that.

Oh hey friends.
Last weekend was super because it was MY BIRTHDAY! Hooray. I got to have BBQ for dinner (and fried okra because for some reason that is my favorite thing ever). Also, I got chocolate cake from Magleby's wich is amaaaazing incase you haven't eaten it before. Steven got me the cutest present which was a pretty necklace that I love. Carson got me chocolates (he sure knows me).

In other news... little Carson boy is sick :( He's had a little cold for a few days now and I feel so bad for him! It's harder for him to breathe since his nose is all stuffed up so he is not sleeping great. Also, I have to suction out his boogers with a bulb syringe and that is not really fun for anyone. He's stayed in good spirits though and he's still our happy little baby :)

Steven is getting ready to run a relay race in Moab this weekend with some coworkers! Carson and I were thinking about making the trip to Moab so we could hang out with Steven more, but it sounds like we wouldn't really get to see him and it would be a lot of quality time with a hotel room so we're hanging out at home.

Also guys, I've been trying to bring my closet to life after pregnancy (when I gained some serious weight) and then losing a whole bunch of weight after. I really needed some clothes that actually fit me. I've been having a lot of fun shopping clearance style and making cute outfits so I will have to show you some of what I have come up with! I'm definitely a fan of comfortable things as well as things that are easy to wash since I have a little one that spills, spits up, sucks on, and gives a lot of love to what I wear. And while some days I don't even make it out of the house because it's just "one of those days," it turns out that wearing clothes that I feel good in really helps to put me in a better mood. It's the little things in life.

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