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New is Good.

Dear Friends,
I keep meaning to do a little update but it keeps escaping my attention. So as you can tell I changed up the blog a little bit! I've just been messing around with some html coding and stuff, so it's not like amazing looking or anything, but it's something different and that's what I wanted. I also changed the name of my blog address, so if you are wanting to follow this blog you will have to add this one! Also, since google is getting rid of google reader, I got onto blog lovin' and I really like it! So, if you're in the market for a place to keep track of blogs... there you go.
Anyway... life is pretty great lately! Carson is 8 1/2 months old and growing up like crazy! He's super close to crawling and in the span of about 2 weeks, he went from having no teeth... to having 6. So I will just say that these last few weeks have been a little more difficult than usual. He's a little cutie pie though and it's fun to watch him exploring his little world. Also, he makes this face all the time where he scrunches up his little nose and then starts to laugh and it is the funniest thing.

Also, we are getting ready to head to Oregon on Friday! I have been looking forward to this for months and it will be sooo great getting to spend time with family and Oregon friends. It's kind of crazy how much more involved packing for a trip is with a baby... he needs so many things! Strollers, and pack n' play's, and toys, and diapers, and allll kinds of other things. Our little Civic will be packed nice and full for this road trip.
Also guys... I changed my hair a little. I got straight-across bangs for the first time ever! So fun. Also, I got highlights and after I came home from the salon I was like HOLY CRAP I HAVE BLONDE HAIR. It was shocking for me. I kept being like, ok I think I like it... it's just different so I'm getting used to it, and then a minute later I was like, I HATE it and I'm going to dye it dark RIGHT NOW. I even went to Wal-Mart and got some box dye because I did not want my hair to look like this for one more day! I decided I would wait it out a little and see how I felt. I ended up going back to the salon and having them tone the highlights to be darker and now it looks much better. So yeah, crisis averted. And now I can go return that box dye to Wal-Mart.
My hair in its scary blonde state. You can't tell, but it's really blonde and I'm freaking out a little.
Also, I've mentioned this before but I'm finishing school speedy-style and homework is THE.WORST. I started these classes at the end of March and I'm finishing them in August which, with also taking care of a baby, is a difficult feat. I'm double timing it though and just pushing through being like "Life is going to be awesome in 2 months... but right now it kind of sucks." In fact, I have a midterm to go take when Steven gets home today and instead of studying for that while Carson sleeps... I'm blogging. Oops. 

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