Janelle In Real Life: Cutest Baby


Cutest Baby

I just want to publicly announce that I have the cutest baby on the planet.

Seriously though, I can't get enough of that kid. He is soooo fun and we had some great bonding time this weekend while his daddy was away. Whenever the hubby leaves town overnight I am a little worried about dealing with our little one by myself because he is great most of the time but can also throw some serious tantrums. This weekend I was worried for no reason because we had the best day I think we've ever had as momma and baby. He was in a great mood, took great naps, and played so hard. We went to the water park and he LOVED it. The rest of the time we hung out at home and crawled all around the house and explored everything. Love that kiddo.

Also, our little guy has been getting soooooo hyper lately. He gets way excited about pretty much everything which is kind of fun. Here is just a sample of his activity level lately... I took a video of him while we were out at a restaurant where he just kept jumping up and down in his seat and throwing everything he could reach.

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