Janelle In Real Life: I love pockets.


I love pockets.

Oh hey friends. It's been a good week because I FINISHED one of my online classes. So one down, two to go until I'm finally finished with college! Also, Steven is running the Ragnar this weekend which is exciting... it's a relay race and he has one of the harder legs which means that he will be running 20 miles all together! What a stud.

And to completely change topics... here's another outfit post for you, Sunday dress version. By the way, I loooove this dress. It's comfortable and has POCKETS which is the best. I wore it with the necklace and heels to dress it up for church, but belted with sandals would make it great for everyday!

dress: gap outlet
necklace: the nest on main street boutique (here)
bracelet: local boutique
shoes: forever young shoes

Also, I'm going to be doing a feature on a website next week so stay tuned to see that!

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