Janelle In Real Life: I'm a softie.


I'm a softie.

So you know those people that call you... or email you... or send you letters... about doing some really important survey that you are vital to and they can't do without you? And then they send you more emails and letters and call you during dinner and otherwise disrupt your life? I used to be one of those people. While working for a professor at BYU, part of my job was to conduct surveys with people so that we could attempt to make sociological conclusions about why people do what they do... and stuff. We had some intense research projects going and we were doing research that really did mean that each respondent to the survey was pretty important. It was our job to convince people to answer our survey without having expletives shouted at us or being told to go to hell followed by a dial tone. I met a lot of really awesome people while doing this survey research... one 60-something woman even invited me to her cabin in Alaska. Seriously, I was asking her questions about her sex life (most awkward part of my job) and then before I know it, I'm her BFF. So there are some great people and then there are the ones telling you to shove your bleeping survey up your bleeping bleep. I did not enjoy that part so much. This experience has made me a softie when it comes to survey research, and I am now a model survey-responder. I have done tons of surveys that various BYU professors have sent me, and a few others including one about feeding my baby. The feeding my baby survey-ers have been the trickiest ones. They ask me to do a really simple survey the first time and gradually the surveys get longer... and more involved... and each time there are whispers of getting a $50 gift card to somewhere... and now here I am an hour into my 4th survey for these people. I'm such a sucker.

In other news... It's raining! I weirdly love when it rains during the summer time, partly because it makes me think of my Oregon home and also because I loooove the smell of rain. I made my doting husband take some "outfit of the day" (OOTD as the kids call it) pics for me before the rain actually came so enjoy the lovely overcast-ness.

For this outfit I went for something simple and easy! Also, don't you love those pants! They have this washed in pattern that makes them way more fun than boring old regular jeans ;) Also I love this minimal jewelry... the bracelet is so tiny and cute (cute is my favorite word and my hubby can vouch for me on that one)!

top: banana republic outlet
jeans: AE
sandals: gap outlet
necklace and bracelet: F21

Aaaallllsssooo... I know this post is getting sort of long but I just want to let you know that I'm going to be doing a feature for a fun little website in a couple days! I will keep you posted about it, so be excited!

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  1. Looove this! Amazing casual chic look! Hugs from Cali! xx The Golden Girls