Janelle In Real Life: Just getting more awesome.


Just getting more awesome.

Dear Friends,
I've decided to expand my blog a little bit to include some of my personal style.
Here's why:
I love clothes and I always have. As a teenager with a plethora of disposable income, I spent basically every penny at the mall buying clothes and was what you might consider a "shopaholic." Now I have a lot of more important things to spend money on (like rent, food, baby things, saving for a house, etc.) but I still like to include a little in the budget to allow me to pursue my hobby (shopping). The reason being that post-baby I needed a serious closet re-do. I lost a lot of weight after having lil' Carson (I have lost 55 lbs. since that little guy was born... that does include the expulsion of a baby, so it sounds like more than it is I guess) and I found myself wearing t-shirts and too-big jeans far too often. I did a little budget-friendly shopping and found that I felt a lot better about myself when I tried to look good! I don't consider myself a real fashion expert, but I want to share my experience with trying to look good and not spending loads of money. I will still be doing family updates, and posting adorable pics of my little guy, so I'm not taking anything away from my blog, just adding a little more to it. So don't go anywhere dear friends, my blog is just getting more awesome.

With that said, I would like to introduce you to one of many mom outfits.
I reeeeally love flowy tops paired with skinny jeans. It is so easy and I think it looks way cute.

Also, I'm a big fan of this bun. So easy!

top: cotton on
pants: gap outlet (clearance, woo!)
shoes: gap outlet
bracelet: downeast basics
sunnies: dollar tree (I'm so proud of that)

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