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Ok.... so remember how we started doing these adorable alphabet date nights that I told you about here? Well the last date I posted about was like a month and a half ago (when we were on f) and we haven't been keeping up with them.... oops. I have known what I wanted to do for our G date for soooo long but we keep having to put it off! We've been going on lots of dates... just not within our alphabet theme. We got a babysitter and had our anniversary dinner at P.F. Changs... then Steven was in Moab for a race...the next weekend we decided we really wanted to go to the movies instead of doing our letter dates so we got a sitter and went to the Star Trek sequel (which was great)... the weekend after that we were in Oregon.... and last night Steven and I were both so worn out that we decided to do a movie night in. Buuuut I promise we will do "G" soon.

Also, Happy Father's Day! I love and miss my dad and I so wish I could be hanging out with him today.

Aaaand Happy Father's Day to my baby's daddy (aka my husband)! He's such a great dad and I love seeing how great he is with our little guy.

I have the greatest family.

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