Janelle In Real Life: Oregon, I miss you already.


Oregon, I miss you already.

Dear Friends,
We have returned from our week-long Oregon adventure. It was so fun spending time with my family! I especially loved the quality time with my sisters... we are each 5 years apart and I am the oldest (so my youngest sister is 10 years younger than me). The littlest one and I haven't actually had a ton of time to hang out since I moved out of the house when she was like 8. So it was fun to get time to hang out with my girlies!

Also, the reason we went to Oregon when we did was that my little sis Dana graduated from high school! I can't even believe she is off to college in a few months.

Another fun adventure that happened while we were there was that Kyra decided to get her ears pierced! She is so funny... So my parents' rule was that you couldn't get your ears pierced until you were 8 (so that you would be old enough to clean them yourself etc.) and Dana and I both got ours pierced as soon as we could. Kyra didn't really want to right when she was 8, but then decided a little while later that she did want to. My parents said they would let her as long as she could keep her room clean for like a month or something. Apparently, it took her like 5 years to do that. But she did it! And now she has cute little studs in her ears.

and After!

Carson got a lot of playtime in the water... we took him to a little water park in Central Point and we also had some family fun time at Applegate Lake! He was a happy camper most of the time which was GREAT.

Steven and I even got to do date night with some of my friends while grandma did bedtime duty with Carson! Babysitting is just one of the many reasons that we wish we were closer to family.
I'm pretty sure my mom had the most fun hanging out with Carson. She played with him, took him on morning walks so Steven and I could get a little more sleep (He woke up sooo early while we were there), and fed him lots of fun foods like frozen bananas and fresh strawberries. I think Carson was in heaven.

Pretty much I wish we didn't have to leave.


  1. Adorable baby alert.


    1. Right?! I can't get enough. We'll do more snow cone trips so you and Carson (Rocky) can get some quality time.

  2. So when are you coming back!!! Grandma & pa want to know.