Janelle In Real Life: A date post (finally): G & H edition.


A date post (finally): G & H edition.

Guys, I feel so dumb.

I've been like, "hey, you should follow me on bloglovin'! Yeah, do it!" and the whole time I've had the follow me button on the sidebar linked to the wrong blog address. Oops. Well, the problem has been fixed and the link is now correct! Soooo if you'd like to follow the blog that actually exists, you are now free to do so.

In fact, I'll make it double easy for you and post the correct link RIGHT HERE!

Follow on Bloglovin

There ya go.

In other news.... we FINALLY started doing our alphabet dates again! If you want to know what the heck I'm talking about, click {here}. Aaaaanyway, for G I was kind of super lame. I forgot to take pictures. My ideas were not that spectacular. But I'm thinking that once we get some momentum again with these letter dates, I will start to have better ideas. Soooo.....

G is for:
Grilling out. We made some DELISH grilled Salmon for dinner!

Games. Well, game. We played Risk and it actually took us two days to finish the one game. My husband is a pretty competitive guy and strategy games are his thing, and I'm a little less competitive and impatient so I don't strategize very well. You can guess how the game went down. But, I obviously didn't give up quite so easily since it took HOURS to finish the game so, you know, whatever.

H is for:
History! And in the name of history we went to the MOA (Museum of Art) at BYU.

This is us standing outside of the MOA with one of the weird lawn statues. Its name is "birdie." We went inside and looked at a lot of the artwork... some of it was pretty cool... some of it was boring... and some of it was weird. True of most art museums I'd say. We were planning on eating at the cafe in the MOA but it was cllllllosed! So unfortunate. BUT we just had a cooler idea which was to get...

Hawaiian food. We went to L&L which is a hawaiian place near us and got MOUNTAINS of food. It was seriously so much.

Isn't that the prettiest picture you've ever seen of me? I don't really know why I'm including it... except for that you can look at my plate and see that there's a ton of food on it. Also, I'm pretty sure that was only like half of my meal right there. The other half was saved for lunch the next day (love me some leftovers). 

And that concludes today's date post. I will try to be more vigilant about thinking of better dates and also actually doing them. In our defense, we've gone on lots of dates since the last time I posted one of these! Lots of get-away-from-baby-and-go-see-a-movie-or-something dates. We've strayed from the alphabet and I'm pretty sure it's ok. The whole alphabet date thing was just supposed to get us to do some new and different things for dates and so far, it's been helping!

I'm in charge of "I" next week... any fun date ideas?!

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