Janelle In Real Life: Baby All Grown Up


Baby All Grown Up

Oh hello there friends. Incase you were wondering... my sweet little baby boy is growing up. It's really bittersweet because I love watching him learn new things but he's already becoming more independent and not relying on his momma so much (why don't you need me anymore?!).

He just recently learned how to pull himself up to stand which I know some of your 6 month olds or whatever were doing... but he's just so chunky that it takes a lot of effort to pull up all of those rolls! Such a champion. He also prefers feeding himself. He YANKS those cheerios out of my hand! He's crawling all over the place, which again he usually does army style because, you know, he's got a lot of weight to tote around. He's already a ball of energy and I just know I'm going to have my hands full for the next... rest of my life. But I love it. I love that he's a little explorer (even if that means I can't take my eye off of him), and I love that he has to look at...and touch...and taste EVERYTHING. It's just adorable.

I had no idea how much my life was going to change once baby boy got here. I knew that being a mom was going to be a lot of responsibility and blah, blah, blah but I've really become a new person since being put in charge of this new little human. I'm no longer the center of my world and honestly... it's a great feeling. Being a parent allows you to be more selfless and I definitely consider that a blessing.

Also, as a mom you to feel so many strong emotions in a single day. Some days are ROUGH. I feel like it's all I can do to make it until bedtime and put that baby away in his bed and have some time for myself. But not long after he's down for the night I start to miss him so bad! I think about all of the cute things he did that day and I magically forget that I was ready to pull my hair out from his baby antics. Picturing his cute little chubby cheeks smiling at me helps too :) Anyway, somehow this post became an ode to my baby... but whatever, he's worth it.

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