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Family Time

I love hanging out with my family. Holidays are the best because my hubby gets to hang out with us on days that he's normally working! Carson and I love that. And an added bonus is when my sister is here to hangout too! We had such a fun holiday weekend.

Dana and I got tickets to the "Stadium of Fire" which is the concert/fireworks show that they do here. Carly Rae Jepsen, Cirque du Soleil, and Kelly Clarkson were performing! It was an amazing show. We also posed for some "before concert" photos... aren't we just the cutest?!

Here's a photo in the stadium before everything started! We took a couple videos of us singing along during the concerts but they are a little too embarrassing to share with the world. But the good news is we had a good time, right?

On Friday we continued the festivities by going to the water park! We brought along my sister and our cousin as well and partied hard. Carson loves splashing so he has a pretty exciting time whenever we go.

Saturday was shopping day! My sister and I headed out to City Creek Center in SLC and shopped till we dropped. Seriously though, I do not have the shopping stamina that I once did. I found my self sitting on a bench outside of forever 21 next to a grandpa while my sister was inside shopping. I still managed to find some lovely things that I'm sure you will see in future blog posts :)

Sunday was filled with church, making homemade lasagna, and visiting with grandparents, aunts, uncles, and cousins. We have been so spoiled with all this fun this weekend!

Also, do you love that almost every single picture I post has the same background of our deck? I will try to mix it up a little in the future... Anyway, hope you all had a fabulous weekend as well! Did you do anything fun and exciting?!

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  1. Janelley Belly,
    Does your house look like those houses in the background? Because if it does I am muy jealous! They are so pretty. I am actually jealous you get to look out from your porch and look at them. And that you have a porch. I'm moving to Utah I just decided! Carson is cute, as always!
    Kaitlin Ironside