Janelle In Real Life: I love $3 shirts.


I love $3 shirts.

Hey friends. Here we are with the last of the 4th of July style series! What fun.

Such a simple, easy 4th of July ensemble! You really can't go wrong with a tee and some toms. Also, I'm dying of excitement because my little sis is coming to visit this week! For her graduation present we are flying her out here to hang out and go to the Stadium of Fire with me (which is the concert/fireworks show they put on here for 4th of July)! I also have been holding off on shopping for a little while so that we can go hardcore when she's here... I'm pretty excited about that. Hope everyone is having a fab Monday!

top: Gap (clearance for $3!!)
shorts: banana republic outlet
shoes: TOMS
bracelets: forever 21 & downeast basics
sunnies: Coach from nordstrom rack

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Ok, that's all. Thanks friends!

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