Janelle In Real Life: It's an accomplishment.


It's an accomplishment.

Hello again, friends. Incase any of you are dying for an update on my life... well here's a little tidbit for you. I AM ALMOST DONE WITH COLLEGE!!! I have two finals to take and then it's a college degree for me! It's been a long and arduous journey for me...

I started college in August of 2008 as an enthusiastic freshman, ready to take on the world (but still not decided on a major) who was taking classes in the morning and working at Hogi Yogi in the afternoon and evening. Not the most glamorous job, but I seriously loved it. I was a full-time student but only taking the minimum number of credits required to be full-time so that I could also be working.
During my sophomore year I had an identity crisis because I hadn't yet decided on a major and thought I might want to go to cosmetology school? (I still kind of do because hair is fuuuun) Also, I was running out of money because Hogi Yogi closed down and girlfriend needed a job to pay the bills. Because of all of these things, I decided to take a semester off of school and figure my life out a little. Fast forward to my (first) senior year of college when I'm on track to graduate December 2012. I would have had to take a pretty busy last semester, but I was soooo ready to be done! And that's when SURPRISE... I'm pregnant! We were thrilled to find out about the little one that would be joining our family, but it did complicate my graduation plan a little.
I took some classes in the spring and took my last capstone class on campus after Carson was born (luckily, Steven was able to come home for a few hours twice a week to watch him... it just meant he had to come home from work a lot later those days). My last 4 classes were online and designed to take a year to finish... I did it in 3 months.
And finally, 5 years after I started college, I will be finishing. Hooray for me! Sometimes I look at my husband who did a bachelor's and masters straight through (except for the 2 years he took of to serve an LDS mission) and it was basically no prob for him and he got perfect grades... and I'm like, hmm me getting my bachelor's does not seem so impressive. But you know what? It is impressive. I've overcome a lot of things to get where I am today and I am going to be so proud of that degree! And now I'm here to say to you, own your accomplishments! There's no reason to compare what you accomplish to others because we are all experiencing a different life journey.

This post turned out longer than I planned on it being... and as a reward for reading the whole thing and being awesome I would like to ask you something. I'm thinking that a sweet giveaway will be happening soon and will include a gift card to somewhere! If you got to choose a gift card from somewhere, where would you want it to be from? Comment and let me know! No promises, I'm just trying to gather some ideas :)

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  1. Woot woot!! College graduation!! Craaaaazy. I can't believe I've already been done for about three months. It's so super weird.

    Aaaand basically if you did a giveaway, cool gift cards would be to anywhere that sell clothes. I mean, who are we kidding? That's all I care about haha