Janelle In Real Life: Guest Post: Jessica Jean


Guest Post: Jessica Jean

Hi there, lovely readers of Janelle in Real Life! 
I’m excited to be doing a guest swap with Janelle today! I’m Jessica and I am the writer of Jessica Jean Blog. I recently met Janelle through the blogosphere and I’m so glad I did. She is such a sweetheart and she has great style.  

I currently reside in Colorado, where my husband and I both attend college. I am getting my degree in communications and public relations. We are both twenty-three and we have been married a little over one year. My blog is my biggest creative outlet- it is where I go to write about everything and it is where I can share my passions with others.  It focuses mostly on fashion and style- I especially love being able to express myself through my personal style in a modest and affordable way.  Additionally, I just love to write... about everything and anything. Some of the things you might hear me chatting about are: married life, religion, modesty, trials and hardships, health issues, diets, fitness, etc... the list goes on. I also run a small business on the side. I design and create jewelry- this is something that I truly enjoy doing. You can find my shop here. .

Thanks for stopping by Janelle’s blog today and reading my guest post! And Janelle, thanks so much for having me!
Come take a look at Jessica Jean Blog for more outfit posts and just to talk about life!

Xo Jessica 


  1. you are an expert at layering!! that last outfit is perfect.

    i'll definitely be checking out your blog :)