Janelle In Real Life: baby turns one.


baby turns one.

Hey there friends. My sweet baby boy turned one yesterday! I can't believe I gave birth to that guy a whole year ago... time sure has gone by quickly. I figured it was a good time to reminisce a little with you about my birth experience. I'm probably the weirdest person ever because I actually really enjoyed my experience in the hospital. I was a week past my due date and supposed to be induced the next day when I started having regular contractions every 2-4 minutes and was admitted to labor and delivery. I progressed sort of slowly but well through the stages of labor and got an epidural to get me through the night. Some people prefer to experience labor naturally and I think that is wonderful! (in fact, the next time around I may just consider doing things naturally). However, I really enjoyed the relaxation I was able to feel from being pain-free with the epidural. Our sweet little boy made his appearance at 11:51 a.m. after 21 hours of labor and an overnight stay in the hospital. I just loved being able to spend quality time with my little family and have nurses to help me with everything I needed. It was wonderful. I also really miss the cinnamon rolls and fruit parfaits from the hospital cafeteria... those were delicious. Breastfeeding was (REALLY) hard at first but totally worth it in the end. I honestly can't wait to do the baby thing again (someday).
Our little guy has been such a blessing and my life has gained so much more meaning from being his momma. Now here are some lovely photos from C-baby's fun-filled birthday.

skyping with some of the grandparents

resting on dad's leg... turning one is a lot of work.
I think he loved playing with the ribbon more than any of his new toys... figures. 

Cracker Barrel birthday dinner!
my fave face.
Aaaaand a little smash cake to finish the day off.
We're doing his actual birthday party on Saturday so, you know, there will probably be another overload of baby photos. Be prepared my friends.


  1. Oh my gosh, he is adorable! It goes fast doesn't it. My nuggets (boy/girl twinnies) are going to be 5 next week! I would love for you to come by and share what you're loving to my What I'm Loving Fridays Link Up!

    xo Lulu