Janelle In Real Life: oh, baby.


oh, baby.

This is a photo of me at 41 weeks pregnant (I delivered like, the next day) and I was soooooo pregnant, right?! And yes, I'm wearing my husband's basketball shorts. There are no fashion rules when you are 41 weeks pregnant.

You guys, it's happening to me.

Baby hunger.

I see friends, bloggers that I stalk, tv characters and random strangers who are pregnant or recently gave birth to a little baby and I'm like, I waaaaant one. And yes, I do actually already have a little one. He's just a few months past his first birthday and I really think he's the cutest. He's growing up so fast though and most of the day he wants nothing to do with me. He's like "Hey mom, I do not have time for your cuddling shenanigans, I've got toys to play with and a whole house to destroy." So he's quickly leaving the baby phase and entering into toddlerhood. I keep thinking that Carson needs a new little sibling friend to play with! I think of the cute newborn cuddliness and the fun little milestones like laughing for the the first time and rolling over. I also sort of miss being pregnant oddly enough! It's fun to feel the little kicks, and see your belly grow bigger, and all of the anticipation that comes along with being pregnant. 
Sometimes I'm thinking those things... and then my baby starts screaming at me, and pulling my hair, and not napping, and refusing to eat his meal that I prepared for him, and barfing on the floor, and pooping through his clothes. And that also reminds me of sleepless nights with a newborn, and the pain associated with struggling to breastfeed, and the diaper blowouts, and the inconsolable crying and also the random pains of pregnancy, and the kidney stones I got at 37 weeks pregnant, and the morning all day sickness that I had for the first two trimesters. After I remember those things sometimes I'm like... could I really do that again but this time with a little toddler who also requires my love and attention?
It's hard work guys.
We know that we want more babies someday... sometimes I just get really excited and think that someday should be today. And then other times I feel like someday should actually be a really long time from now. I'm just saying that all you pregnant ladies and new moms are making me super baby hungry and really confusing my life plan, okay?

And so for all of you who are feeling the baby hunger... I get you.


  1. What a cute pregnant lady you were! You certainly do get me, and I get you too. The baby hunger is rough lol.

    xo Jessica

  2. Totes def thought you were going to say you were for real pregnant and I got way excited for a second. Also, I saw your comment on my blog about the button and I'll see what I can do about that. You're the neatest.