Janelle In Real Life: all about the details & the nordstrom giveaway winner!


all about the details & the nordstrom giveaway winner!

I don't know if you guys have noticed, but I am a fan of wearing neutrals during the fall. My style lends more to a neutral palate, but every once in a while I get wild and add a little color. This time I threw on some neon and floral!






Where she got it: top: shade clothing // jacket: gap // scarf: charlotte russe // shoes: famous footwear

And sometimes it's all about the details. I've been so into small, delicate jewelry lately! I love that it can make a statement but still be so simple.

And I'm pretty sure it's about time for some more fun facts. Here's round three (find 1 here, and 2 here):
1. I'm part Filipino. And you're saying, "but she's so white and doesn't look asian at all!" ...which is true. My Grandpa is from the Philippines and has a crazy family history... we've found a few of his family members recently that we had no idea even existed!
2. I know a lot about college football. It's weird because I grew up in a family that pretty much never watched football. I started watching a little in high school which is when I decided to be an Oregon ducks fan, and then in college I really enjoyed being able to go to BYU games. Then I met my husband who is a hardcore Alabama football fan and I learned a ton from him. We ritually watch football every Saturday during the season and I still ask him lots of questions (which he is probably annoyed by).
3. My hubby is 4 1/2 years older than me so sometimes I like to play the game where I say "you were on your mission (at 19) when I was just able to start going to church dances (at 14)" or "I was still in elementary school when you were a sophomore in high school." But don't worry you guys, we were both in college when we started dating.
4. My parents never wanted us to have a dog or a cat or anything so we had birds as pets growing up. Our first little parakeet was named little bird and he was so cute and I kind of liked him. Then we got a parakeet which we called honey to be little bird's friend, and she was the devil. She was so loud and would pick on little bird, and steal his food. Apparently those two died or something? (I don't actually remember)  and then we got two more parakeets who my sister decidedly named Jamaica and Jorge.

And that's all for now dear friends. 

And I realize that this post is becoming incredibly long but I have to announce the winner of the $100 Nordstrom giveaway!

Congrats Christine! And happy shopping :) I'll be sending the gift card your way shortly!

Have a lovely day friends.


  1. Thanks again!! SO happy about that win, haha

  2. Great casual look!!!!!!!



  3. I love it! Great outfit :) I'm with you on wearing a lot of neutral colors!

    1. Thanks! I always feel like there should be more color in my wardrobe... there's a lot of black and beige haha.

  4. Love this look! It is so cozy yet cute at the same time. :)
    The Grass Skirt