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how to shop at forever 21

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I've gotten a few questions from some of you asking how I score some great pieces from Forever 21, so I'm going to share a little insight on how I shop there! Generally when I get things from Forever 21 they're not staple pieces (like jeans, undershirts, and the likes). I tend to go more for the trendy items because forever 21 is full of on trend things and they're usually pretty cheap! Forever 21 shopping can be overwhelming because it feels like there's so much to look at, but if you take some time you can find some amazing things!
Something I like to  do before heading to Forever 21 is to check what's available online and find styles or even specific pieces I'm interested in. If you see something online that you're dying to have but don't want to pay for shipping, just call your local store to see if it's in stock and have them hold it for you!

plaid shirt from forever 21, find it here
Once I get to the store, I make sure to try things on before buying. A lot of times when I go shopping and I have my active one-year-old with me, I skip the dressing rooms and try on at home, knowing that I can return things if they don't fit. Forever 21 has a pretty strict return policy and will only let you exchange for store credit (and all jewelry is final sale) so it's important to know that something looks good on you before you actually buy it. This means that I'll leave the little guy at home if I'm planning on doing some serious shopping!

Another related tip I have found that helps me is to set aside time for shopping. Limited shopping time makes for a lot of impulse buys which can sometimes be a waste of money. I like to have time to browse, try things on, and decide what my closet is missing.

dress, necklace, & bracelets from forever 21
Another thing to be aware of is the price tag! Forever 21 is known for having trendy pieces for great prices, but sometimes there will be some more expensive pieces thrown in the mix. Don't assume that because you're shopping at Forever 21 everything there is worth what it's priced at.

Something else to keep in mind is that Forever 21 has pretty good prices, but sometimes the quality of their clothing is not the greatest. That is why I don't usually buy their super cheap jeans or tees, because I've found the quality is not even worth the inexpensive price. Just keep that in mind during your search!

jacket from forever 21, find it here
And a final tip for you is that while Forever 21 can look like a crazy mess when you walk in, there is some organization going on. Each "room" is catered to a specific style which is why you might be finding all of your favorites in one corner of the store! My style is kind of all over the place so I usually end up liking things from a lot of their sections. However, it helps to identify the style of the room I'm in and know what to look for!
I hope this helps some of you with having a better shopping experience at Forever 21! It's worth the search because they often have some pretty great treasures hiding in the store.

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  1. Thanks for this post! I used to shop at Forever 21 but now I'm just overwhelmed by all the choices. So I never go in there anymore because a) I dont have time time or b) there are too many items to look through.


  2. great idea for a post! F21 can be so overwhelming, especially since their merchandise seems to change like, every day. love those shoes!


  3. These are great tips! I've scored some great pieces at F21 as well, but it does take patience and careful choices. =)


    I hope you have a great week!


  4. I love that black and white plaid. I recently bought a similar one - a Michael Kors men's shirt. Black and white look so classy, and I especially love that turquoise necklace for an accent!