Janelle In Real Life: christmas for the girls.


christmas for the girls.

Girls nights are the best.
I was lucky enough to live with some AMAZING girls during my single days in college. We used to have a Christmas gift exchange/party when we lived together and wanted to relive the fun this year (minus Maressa... we missed you)!
We had lots of yummy treats, and caught up on each others' lives, and watched the Victoria's Secret fashion show!

Seriously love these ladies. It was also our goodbye party for Ariel (in the middle) who has now left to move to Louisiana! We'll miss that girl lots. 
Also, those yummy looking chocolate truffles pictured above? I'll definitely be posting a recipe for those soon :)

Hope you're having a marvelous day! And a happy Christmas break! I'm headed to Alabama on Tuesday, so if you want to keep up with my trip follow me on instagram here!

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