Janelle In Real Life: good hair days.


good hair days.

Hey friends! You know what I really love? Anything that helps me to have a good hair day.

Here are my go to hair products as of late. Usually I let my hair air dry and then spray a little CHI iron guard throughout. I finish off with either straightening or curling and then I use my moroccan argan oil for smoothing (not pictured). Easy-peasy routine, right?

Misikko sent me their Hana Elite 1.5" flat iron, and you guys, It's pretty high quality and awesome. It's a professional straightener, and I've found that's the way to go if you want a decent quality straightener that will last you a few years. I've been using a flat iron that's pretty old and a little more cheaply made. Until I used this new flat iron, I didn't realize how bad mine was! My old one would tug on my hair and give my ends a fried look. The Hana Elite glides so nicely over my hair and doesn't fry my ends. Amazing!
The plates are 100% ceramic which = equal heat distribution and a high quality product (and un-fried ends). The straightener also came with a silicone mat to prevent burning things with the straightener when you set it down, as well as a heat proof travel pouch! 
It's a little bit of a splurge price wise, but a good straightener is an investment, my friends! The only down side to the straightener I received is that it's a 1.5" so I can't use it to curl my hair (because I do 90% of my hair curling with a straightener). So if you are like me, I would tell you to go for the 1" so you can straighten AND curl! Like I said, it's an investment. You can find their 1" here.

And for your viewing pleasure, here's a before and after photo for you.

Do you love the frizz ball before photo? Because I really do. And look at those smoooooth strands in the after!

You can check out Hana Salon's website here, or their facebook page here
Thanks for reading friends, have a lovely day!


  1. haha! that's how my hair is too!!!People are like, oh come on you mean you can't just let it air dry? Ummmmm... lol! but anyways, your hair looks great, nice and shiny!

  2. You should see my hair! It's just a giant poof ball after I dry it, it's terrible lol! That straightener looks amazing though, I think I might need one! :)