Janelle In Real Life: inside parties and birthday celebrations.


inside parties and birthday celebrations.

I just have to say... I love my little family so much.

I have always had so much love for my sweet son, but lately I'm just enjoying hanging out with him so much. He has this amazing little personality and he just loves to laugh. We took advantage of the snow days and played together all day long. Like... no chores really got done because we were just way to busy having fun.

(1) This is my indoors uniform... cozy, cozy, cozy. // (2) Carson and I are getting really good at taking selfies. He gets REALLY excited when I show him the camera on my phone! // (3) Aaaaand here's the reason for our indoor partying. The snow is so pretty but makes driving awful.
We've been partying at home the last little while because of all the snow, and the cold, and the lack of warm clothing to venture out into it.

(1) My boys on our way to the birthday restaurant... they are the cutest! // (2) I got a fun banner which spelled Happy Birthday wrong (It wasn't my fault... it came that way!) // (3) No one is too old for birthday balloons :)

And you guys, my amazing husband turned 28 this weekend! If he had it his way, we wouldn't have even acknowledged his birthday... but there's no way I was going to let that happen. We compromised and did things low key.

(1) I told you we were good at selfies // (2) Cracker Barrel provides entertainment while we wait for our food, in the form of the peg game // (3) I trapped the little guy in the middle of his running around and he was NOT happy about it.

We went to Cracker Barrel for Steven's birthday dinner (I LOVE that restaurant. It may or may not be because they have fried okra). Carson literally just ran around the store part without stopping. Anytime we go somewhere, he wiggles in our arms until we put him down and then he takes off running and doesn't stop until he has to. We've got a little Forrest Gump on our hands!

So that's what we've been up to these days! Hope you all have a lovely Monday!

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  1. As soon as I saw the peg game I could recognize that you were at Cracker Barrel! That place is a classic!