Janelle In Real Life: 5 senses and a little extra.


5 senses and a little extra.


What do I....

See: "Lie To Me" playing on the tv. It's the show I'm watching on Netflix these days... I'm interested so far!

Hear: This show, hubby turning the pages of his book next to me, and this weird noise that our refrigerator has been making lately... hopefully I shouldn't be too concerned about that.

Smell: mmmmm, nail polishhhhhh. Repainting my nails because they were chipping and I HATE that. Now they are pretty & pink but inhaling these nail polish fumes cannot be good. It smells so.... chemical-y.

Touch: The keyboard, clickity-clackity as I'm typing this. And picking at my split ends because girlfriend needs a haircut.

Taste: those yummy chocolates I got for myself because bad days deserve chocolate. I had a screamy baby all day long and it was hard for this momma. Shinning moment though, was that Carson learned to say "uh-oh" and it's the cutest thing ever!

Another momma shinning moment for me included my son choose vegetables over snacks. It was amazing! He HATES veggies and we have a hard time getting him to eat them so we have to be sneaky. But snacks, ohhhhh snack are the best. He will munch and munch all day long! We have a cupboard that has all of his snacks as well as baby food veggies, fruit pouches, sippy cups, and other miscellaneous baby items. He's been in the habit of bringing us the container of snacks that he's interested in at that particular moment so that we can open it for him. But yesterday he plopped a baby food container of mixed veggies in my lap and started licking his lips and going "uh! uh! uh!" which means "NOW Mom!!" And I opened it for him and he chowed down.

I hope you all having some shinning moments this week... because sometimes it really is the little things.

Have a happy day, lovelies!


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  2. all right, I used to love LIe To Me! Watched the whole series, it made me feel like a great detective with body language. Congrats on the veggies. That is just too cute. Also, I nominated you for the Liebster Award! Check it out... http://laurynlasko.blogspot.com/2014/01/liebster-award-id-like-to-thank-my-mom.html

    xx Laur