Janelle In Real Life: a life update


a life update

Some recent IG photos!
Hey friends! I've been kinda struggling to keep up with outfit posts lately (you probably haven't noticed it though... there have still been plenty of them). I'll have you know that yesterday I brought my husband outside to take photos of me yesterday just before it got dark (that's when he gets home from work). An hour or so later I grabbed my camera to upload the photos and there were no photos to be found because I forgot to put in the memory card. I was soooo annoyed at myself for doing that because now it was dark and retaking the pictures sounded like a lot of work and wouldn't turn out well. But really it's nbd, I was just being weird about it.

It's been a hard week around here... the little guy has been averaging 2 meltdowns a day (we're talking screaming at the the top of his lungs and forgetting to breathe for a while until his face turns purple and I say "Breathe little man! Breathe!!") and it has been hard. His meltdowns will last for 10 minutes or so and he is just completely inconsolable. And usually they start because of something like I'm making dinner and I have raw chicken on my hands so I can't pick him up when he wants me to. When he's not melting down he is such a sweetheart though and always wants to give me his sweet little hugs. Overall I can't complain because the sweet, loving, and fun little boy outweighs his screamy moments.

And I may have mentioned this before, but the hubby and I have been planning a nice little getaway vacation for us to get a little time together. I've been researching things for HOURS to try and save us a little money & find us the best options for the best price. We finally committed last night and paid for a flight/hotel for our vacation to Hawaii! It's still a few months away but we are super excited. Neither of us has been before so it will be a new and fun experience. We'll be staying on Oahu so if any of you have advice for things we have to do, or places we have to eat at, or anything else we welcome it!

Hope you all have a fab day!


  1. Sorry to hear you been having a bad week. I hope you have a better week next week.

  2. I just had to share that my daughter does the same thing to me. I just found your blog, but when I read this I had to commiserate with you. I'm told it gets better. :-) Hang in there.