Janelle In Real Life: don't throw your baby in the snow.


don't throw your baby in the snow.

One time my husband convinced me that it would be a good idea to let our 3 month old baby "play" in the snow.
This is what I thought he meant by playing in the snow:

And this is what he actually meant:

I got so worried and scooped that baby right up and went inside.

I remember being so upset when we got inside that he'd talked me in to such shenanigans! We were the meanest parents ever!

I was just the worrier mom. And I still am! His new thing is try cry out "maaaaamaaaa! mamamama..." when he's sad and it kills me to not just pick him up for every little thing. He wants ME! Steven is my voice of reason telling me that sometimes it's best for him to let him be.
We parent differently and it makes for a wonderful balance. We are not even close to being perfect parents, but we sure do help each other along the way!
The moral of the story is, sometimes my husband will put the baby on the snowy ground to make snow angels and I will freak out about it. And sometimes I will check on Carson every 2 minutes to make sure he's being safe and Steven will tell me to sit down and take a chill pill. And somehow it all evens out.

Hope you're all having a super duper day!

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  1. I feel like this is going to be me and mine when we decide to start having children. I am already such a worrier! Haha. Your baby is such a cutie! That snow picture is just adorable.

    Sweet Southern Sparkle