Janelle In Real Life: florals for spring.


florals for spring.

Oh heyyyy there lovelies! Hoping your day is going fabulously! Today is going to be significantly better for me than yesterday... I had to go to the dentist and it was the worst. And then of course my mouth stayed numb for hours so I was drooling and lisping and looking like a fool.
But on to more fun and exciting things...

Spring styles are starting to show up in the stores (already?!) and one of the trends I've noticed is florals! I loooove floral prints and I'm having a hard time not wanting ALL THE FLORAL THINGS! This trend can feel free to stick around for a while.

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Loving all of these! And now I officially can't wait until spring! Go away, snow.
Another something that I'm looking forward to in spring is my romantic getaway with my amazing husband! We went on our honeymoon 2 1/2 years ago to the Oregon coast which was amaaaazing! We stayed at a hotel right on the beach, had a hot tub on the patio overlooking the ocean... it was perfection. Now that we are parents we need another perfect week together more than ever. Being a parent is amazing and so rewarding and I wouldn't trade it for anything in the world! But it can be very draining if you don't take time for yourself and for your marriage. I just know that a week with my husband will be just what we need :) So the plan is to do a tropical getaway in May to celebrate our anniversary while the little guy gets to party with his grandparents for the week and get spoiled silly. It's just so fun to have something exciting to look forward to in the coming months :)

And in case you're wondering...

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  1. Love floral print!
    Be sure to enter my $240 Giveaway: http://www.askawayblog.com/2014/01/win-indie-chick-prize-pack-240-value.html

  2. I'm not the biggest fan of florals, but I can definitely embrace it in small amounts. Loving the floral sweater.



  3. did someone say spring?!??! loving florals, and glad they're back this season!!! HeartofChic.com

  4. A floral dress is a much. I've been searching for one that I really like for a long time now!


  5. Dropping by from Stylish Tuesday! I've been in love with florals since fall and I'm so happy the trend continues for spring! Love those pants.

    <3 Vicki

  6. Literally OBSESSING over that hello floral tee! Thanks for linking up with Stylish Tuesday!

    xo, Paige