Janelle In Real Life: how to create the perfect blog post


how to create the perfect blog post

** How to create an aesthetically pleasing and fun to read blog post **

I'm going to share some tips with you that I've learned over the past 8 or so months that I've been blogging. The tips will help you to make your posts look nice and pretty, and also keep the readers coming!

#1: Same Size Images
To me, blog posts look 35298032840934820 times better when the images are all the same width. There are a few different ways that you can accomplish this, but the easiest way for me has just been to resize my images in lightroom (or any photo editing program) before uploading them. I keep my photos at a width of 640 px. So whether your photos are horizontal or vertical, just make the width one uniform number.

#2: Using an Image Hosting Site
I've noticed that my pictures are worse quality when I just upload them straight from my computer to blogger. I've googled it and it seems like blogger sometimes lowers your image quality to make it a smaller file size. Whatever the issue is, the solution that I've found is to use an image hosting site (I use Flickr). I just upload the photos I'm going to use the the hosting site, and then copy the html code for the image and paste it into the html tab (it's top left when you're composing a post). Flickr has worked better for me than photobucket, but there are still a few different options out there that you can try.

#3: Legible Font
Using cursive-y or really light colored font can be hard on the eyes... I shouldn't have to squint to see what you're trying to say. Just use a normal looking font, and you'll be good.

#4: The Right Amount of Photos
Fashion bloggers are probably more notorious for this one. Most readers probably don't want to scroll through 20 photos of the same outfit, so try to narrow it down a little. I usually say somewhere around 3-6 photos is probably enough. I've been known to do a few less or a few more, but to me that's a good general rule! And if you have more than that and you just can't leave any out, try doing a couple side by side like this:
so that people still aren't having to scroll through a bunch. I just use the collage tool on picmonkey.com to do this!

#5: Good Content
And this is really the most important one. If you don't have anything to say... don't just ramble on and make people read that garbage. Take the time to write something with quality. And same goes for pictures... make sure they look nice! If you take photos and the lighting is awful, or your underwear is showing, or they're just not up to your standards, by all means, don't hit publish! Because that stuff stays on the internet forever. Buuut, you also don't have to be a perfectionist about it. We are our own worst critics. So do your best to write quality things and take quality photos.

#6: Talk About Your Life
People like to know that you are in fact a real person! My blog is called "Janelle In Real Life" because I wanted it to be a place that I could share real parts of my life (including outfits that I actually wear and don't just put together for the purpose of blogging about it). Letting readers get to know who you are makes you more human and likable.

#7: Edit Your Photos (but don't over edit)
It doesn't have to cost loads of money to make your photos look a little nicer with some editing! I got lightroom as a Christmas gift and I loooove it! But before that I just used iphoto which is the stock editing program that came with my computer. It worked great! Picasa is another good (and free!) one and there are loads of others. Editing programs are great for adjusting the lighting, cropping, resizing, etc. but photos tend to look better when you don't over edit and airbrush the crap out of everything. Try not to go too crazy... let your natural looking photos shine with some minor tweaking!

If you want a few tutorials for some basic clean up for your blog, check out THIS post from Rylee Blake.

What do you think of these tips? Is there anything you would add?

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  1. Great advice!!! I'll be incorporating this into my blog from now one.

    Hopped over from the Funday Monday link up.


  2. These are some great tips! One thing that I hate when I'm reading blogs is the font being too small or just really hard to read as well as a million pictures of the same thing.
    One thing I need to work on is creating better content, I'm sure people don't care about my weekend and whatnot so thinking of better content is something on my to-do list. Like you, my blog is about me and my life. Mostly about my relationship with My Guy that lives in Tampa and I live in Cleveland and how one day (fingers crossed) we will both be in Cleveland again.

  3. Great post and tips!!!!! Blogging takes a lot of time. I'm looking forward to September when my son is in Kindergarden and i'll have more time to dedicate to blogging.



  4. great tips. I have told a blogger once. That I couldn't read her blog. Due to she was writing in pale yellow.

  5. Love these tips! I agree #1 is soooo important! Thanks for sharing!
    Ashley | Raspberry Glow