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dating horror stories

I recently came across a link up of dating horror stories... and thought I would throw in a few of my own. Because it's fun to laugh about now that I'm a wife of 3 years to the best guy who would never do any of the following things to me.
As an aside, we've all done stupid things before, and I don't hold grudges against any of these guys. It's just funny to laugh about the bad experiences once in a while.

Prom circa 2007
#1: Valentines gone wrong
In retrospect... this relationship had been on a downward spiral for a loooong time. I was (still) dating my high school boyfriend during my freshman year of college thinking, "oh yeah, we can totally do long distance!" We were always breaking up and getting back together and it was awful. At this particular time we were together and planning on spending time together for Valentines day. He was living in Idaho about 4 hours away from me and was going to drive up to see me for the weekend (and stay with his brother). Unfortunately, he came down with some sort of illness and was just too sick to make it here. I was obviously disappointed, but had fun hanging out with my roomies instead. I got a text from my best friend later that night who was living in the same town as him telling me that he was ON A DATE WITH ANOTHER GIRL. It was so bad, you guys. I was so heartbroken! (Again in retrospect... I should have seen this coming, we didn't have the most rock solid relationship at this point). I asked him about it and I think his response was something like "I thought we were on break." Oh hey Ross, apparently I'm your Rachel!

#2: No leftovers for me
I went on a few dates with this guy that was just a friend of mine. He was reeeeally excited about getting married and I was definitely not there, so they were just for fun dates. He took me out to Indian food (my first time!) and it was soooo good! He let me have the leftovers like a true gentleman. Later that night (and I actually mean in the middle of the night) he came over to my apartment... but not to hang out with me. He came over to makeout with one of my roommates. After they did that, they ATE MY LEFTOVERS! I know that I wasn't super interested in this guy, but it still seems in poor taste to come to the house of a girl you just took on a date and makeout with her roommate! But really I was mostly mad about the leftovers. He gave those to ME!

#3: The disappear-er
Once upon a time, one of my best friends and I almost had our dreams come true. Because what girl doesn't dream of dating a guy who's best friend is dating your best friend? And then eventually we would both marry them and live next door to each other and it would be happily ever after. Unfortunately, it didn't turn out that way.
I had dated this guy before leaving to go back home for the summer. We'd decided we weren't going to be long distance while I was gone, and that we'd just see what happens when I got back from my 3 months in Oregon. Before I left he said all these sweet things to me and gave me this bracelet and all kinds of good boyfriend sort of stuff. Then I left. And he texted me some of the rudest things ever. And told me I was obnoxious. So I got over him quick because his loss, right? 
Our best friends though had actually succeeded in their relationship and were getting married that summer! I was the maid of honor and he was supposed to be the best man. I was not exactly looking forward to seeing him, but I figured we could put our differences aside for the day. Buuut he didn't actually show up to the wedding and hasn't communicated with his best friend (and my best friend's husband) since. And then one day several years later, I saw him. He was working at Sportsman's Warehouse and I was there with my husband and baby.

#4: The accidental text
During my freshman year of college, there was this guy that I thought was suuuuper cute. We always made excuses to hang out in his apartment and I really just wanted to date this guy. One night we got some alone time and he kissed me! I was so excited. We texted a lot and spent some time together and I was SURE he was going to ask me out. But then one night my roommate was at his apartment hanging out with all of them watching a movie. And she texted me a picture of him holding hands and cuddling with ANOTHER GIRL. I was so sad. So I texted her back and said "wow, what an a**hole." Only I accidentally sent it to the guy I was calling that. He texted me back asking what I was talking about and I made up some excuse about how I was texting a friend about her loser boyfriend and meant to send it to her. But really I should have just called him out and said, yeah I was talking about you! It's ok though because the girl he was cuddling with in that picture is now his wife so.... it all worked out.

#5: Prom is important
My high school boyfriend (the one I referenced in #1) was my date to both Junior & Senior prom. For Junior prom we had made plans with a big group of friends for dinner and as a girl I was soooo stoked for prom. Since the bf only had a motorcycle at the time, I drove to his house to pick him up to head to dinner. When I got there his dad was the only one there. He said that my boyfriend and his friend were still riding their dirt bikes somewhere. So I waited, and waited, and waited for an hour and a half. In my prom dress. When he finally got back covered in mud, his dad and I were both sitting on the couch with our arms crossed glaring at him. It was a hilarious bonding moment for us. He took a shower and finally left with me and we still sort of got to eat dinner. I just don't think boys always understand the importance of prom for girls! Even if our prom was the lamest thing ever and was held in our school cafeteria.

#6: We held hands
There was a boy that I was friends with & had early morning seminary with (bleh!). We started to hang out on the weekends at our movie nights that we were constantly having. I could tell he liked me and my 14 year old self was very flattered by that and was totally down with maybe holding his hand or something. While we were at a church retreat he held my hand! It was exciting for everyone. We held hands a few times after that and he also brought me back a necklace from Mexico with my name written on a grain of rice. Unfortunately, my name was spelled wrong, but at least he tried? A few days after getting the necklace, we were both going to be at a church dance and probably we would dance together and maybe hold hands. But when I got there he was dancing and holding hands with ANOTHER GIRL. It was a crushing blow from my first (almost) boyfriend.

#7: I'm the meanest
This is actually a story about how I was the offender. It was with my first actual boyfriend. My friend (the same friend from #3) was dating this guy and his friend had a crush on me. So I entertained the idea of dating my best friend's boyfriend's best friend (yes, we tried this more than once). It sounded like a superb idea! I agreed to be this guy's girlfriend and we talked on the phone, and held hands, and sometimes emailed each other. We also saw each other approximately twice a month for the two months that we dated. He went to a different high school than me, so on Valentines day he showed up at my school with a box of chocolates! It was so sweet. Unfortunately, my parents didn't know about my boyfriend because I was only 14 and wasn't allowed to date. He told his parents that he was dating a 14 year old (he was 17) and they were only ok with it if my parents knew. So he told me that if we wanted to keep dating, I needed to tell my parents. I wasn't about to tell my parents anything so I said, sorry I guess we have to break up then.
I was such a little punk.

I hope you enjoyed hearing about some of the awful dating experiences I've had and I sincerely hope that some of you write about yours because I think they're hilarious to read.

Have a happy day!

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  1. I love the first two, those are just gems!!! I'm loving reading all of these, and I feel like I need to write one of my own, except I have quite a few where I was the idiot haha, so I like that you shared that one. These posts today have actually given me some ideas for posts :)

  2. oh my gosh, I have sooo many bad dating stories. haha! But I guess it's okay because I married the best guy ever. ;-)


  3. Hahahaha. Janelle. Didn't know ANY of that. I like this insight!